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Pokemon Go


Staff member
Tried to try it, but when I tried to join the game it said too many people had already joined and there was no room left for meh, so I deleted it and haven't looked back...;)


Staff member
Where've you been, turgy22?

Two of my kids are playing it, my third hasn't been able to get in to register either... they seem to be having fun though.


Nothing Special
Guess I've been lurking.

My wife has been playing it. I think mostly because "everyone" on Facebook is talking about it.

I'm a little surprised at how much of a craze it's become. I'm also hearing a lot of reports of it making people do stupid things. But I also wonder if it's actually making people do stupid things, or if it's just giving stupid people an outlet to express their stupidity. Or if it's just so rampant that the stupid things that happen while people are playing are magnified due to it's popularity.

I haven't played myself, but I had been considering using Pokemon the card game as a gateway drug to get my daughter into Magic. Now I'm wondering if that's still a path... or if she'd be more interested in it now (since she does the "go" thing with my wife).


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I think it depends what the "stupid things" are. If it's something like walking into the middle of the street ignoring traffic to get a pokemon or going out late at night to some spot when they wouldn't go otherwise, I would attribute it to the game.

I'd try it. My kids started with Pokémon cards and later saw my Magic cards and wanted to know how to play, although it never really took. But it's worth a shot.


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Well, it is a nice little crutch for the news media right now; dog bites man? Pass. Dog bites man playing Pokemon Go? Stop the presses!