Please help me with my deck!!!

Discussion in 'Casual Decks/Variants/Etc' started by Faxe, Aug 19, 1999.

  1. Faxe New Member

    Hi, everybody!
    I'm thinking about making a 1.7 deck using STASIS and MEGRIN.
    I wanna sugestions..
  2. Waubers New Member

    I wouldn't even use stasis. I would however use some blue. Cards like Exhaustion, Temporal Adept, Turnabout (this card rocks!) and Storage Matrix/rig of gix/voltaic key. Maybe add black for eradicate and no Mercy. Throw in a bottomless pit or 2 and maybe a whell of tourture or 4. I built a deck around tournabout and storage matrix. I used opposition to shut down my opponent critters from attacking and a Portcullis to prevent excess critters. If your going to play 1.5 you could use matrix tournabout with the rack and bottomless pit. Add will o' the wisp and fog bank for creature defense. Add some stupors and Megrims and you'll have yourself a party. Don't forget Archivist or howling mine to offset the loss from the bottomless pit.


    "Turnabout rocks! It's just plain spiffy!"
  3. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Exactly what other cards do you have besides Stasis and Megrim that you could use? Could you give us a decklist that we can look at?
    When you give us a little more to work with, we can get you more to win with, okay?
    -Dune Echo
  4. Faxe New Member

    I've been thinking about this deck. Something like this:
    4 stasis
    4 megrin
    4 Hymm to tourach
    2 duress
    2 ostracise
    2 funeral charm
    3 howling mine
    1 turnabout
    4 boomerang
    4 the rack
    3 propaganda
    1 fog bank
    1 no mercy
    3 underground river
    10 swamps
    12 islands

    But i haven't playtested it yet. Pls if you can, try it and tell me whatt you think.
    Sugestions are wellcome...

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