Playable Dreamborn Muse deck?



Hi, new to the forum, but I like what I see here.

I have recently sold off most of my Magic collection and now play exclusively online, usually in the casual room.

The thing about online casual (and those of you that play online will probably agree) is that it is FULL of tribal decks. Especially elves. You can't sneeze in there without hitting an elf deck.

So I started thinking about a deck that woulkd deal with the nasty little buggers and came up with a grinder that is pretty fun to play (albeit annoying to play against.)

It tends to win well against most tribal themes, really tends to wreck Wake-type decks, fat critter decks, and even a few tribal themes. It dies easily to decks with a lot of burn and really dies to Zombies (the one tribe I hate to see when playing this thing.) But my favorite thing about it is it wins with the unlikely Dreamborn Muse, backed up by Brain Freeze. Here it is:

4 Aether Burst
4 Brain Freeze
2 Compulsion
4 Counterspell
3 Deep Analysis
3 Dreamborn Muse
4 Evacuation
4 Memory Lapse
4 Renewed Faith
4 Teroh's Faithful
12 Island
8 Plains
4 Lonely Sandbar

The concept is simple: slow your opponent with bounce - counter any real threats, once you get an Evac play it at the end of your opponent's turn - follow with Muse on yours. That's why this works so well with elves, and other little guys. Your opponent is likely to hurriedly cast all the buggers againto get them out of his hand (to lessen the Muse effect) and that's when you Brain Freeze. Great fun for all. Renewed Faith can be played rather than cycled in order to help push Brain Freeze a little further. The Faithful keep you from losing - especially to your own flashed Analysis-es (Analysi?) and you tend not to mind that the Muse is targeting you too. It's great fun!

Some may ask "Why no Wheel and Deal?" And that's a good question. I've been considering removing the Analysis and/or Comulsion for Wheel and Deal, a silly card that I just love. Thing is, if the player is packing red, Wheel and Deal can be certain death, allowing them access to hordes of burn that they point right at the dome. It may be worth thinking about though... heck, I may do it tonight!

What do ya think... I know on paper it seems lame but it's fun to play and most games are really close, milling away that last card on the turn before they'd have killed me, etc.

Reverend Love

At first I was going to throw some suggestions at you, name some cards and call it that....but you hit one of my favorite topics I did a total rebuild.

Here's what I came up with:

Main Cards: 6
4 Dreamborn Muse
2 Wheel and Deal

Bounce: 8
4 Aether Burst
4 Evacuation

Life Gainers: 6
4 Ancestors Chosen
2 Words of Worship

Control: 10
2 Chastise
4 Counterspells
4 Memory Lapse

Draw: 6
2 Compulsion
4 Deep Analysis

Land: 24
12 Island
8 Plains
4 Lonely Sandbar

You'll notice it's quite different from your original posting. The casting costs are a lot higher for some replacements but I feel there's ample control in here to get away with it.

Wheel and Deal: Dreamborn is ka-ka if their hand isn't full. I know an Evac/Aether Burst will help in filling it up but a W.a.D. will force them to get rid of their beasties and redraw. Playing bounce before I know after awhile your opponent is sitting there with 4-5 creatures in hand you've already bounced. So why not make'm go away?...for good :) Another point is that if they're low on cards this could be the killing touch.

Ancestors Chosen: Normally he's an overpriced piece of trash..however with the Muse grinding away he's a HUGE boost in life, then a nice blocker/stick.

Words of Worship: If your sitting fat on control or running low on deck why not just gain some life instead? This card can single-handedly keep your deck fat..while allowing your to rack up a mountain of life. Also works nice with Deep Analysis pay flashback..gain 7 life. Compulsion/W.o.W. will decrease the effects of the Muse and again help that life total.

Chastise: Kill stuff, gain life.

My 2 cents.


I'm a little disheartened you're playing Blue - but that's just me...

I think the deck looks good - but If I was playing Blue - Laquatus would be in there...


well i dunno what your looking for but i bought the legions preconstructed deck with zombies in it and it came with dreamborn muse, it was really effiective i dunno if you were loooking for a combo but yeah it made the zombie deck go real fast like a nitro.