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    Ok, I just read Planeswaker by Lynn Abbey. It describes Urza for 3,000 years from end of Brother's War to him beating the s!!! out of Gix... and I've got some questions and some observations.

    First of all, do you think the card, Argivian Archaelogist, really IS Urza? Not Urza-planeswalker, he's blue, but Urza-while he still lived. He was born with white essence (since Serra said so) and he was an archaelogist. Any ideas?

    Is Ratepe really Mishra? Or is he not?

    Is Xantcha really Phyrexian or they really stole her from parents? I'm almost sure latter is the case except for the fact that it would make Urza right in this situation, and he's always wrong :)) I mean, it's ridiculous - the guy was looking for where Phyrexians came from for 3000 years and finally he realized (by accident) that they are Thran!

    So where did Xantcha and Ratepe GO?

    What did Gix mean when he said he built Urza and Xantcha?

    Well, that's it, maybe I'll have some more questions. Thanks!
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    Hey Arhar, just a few facts I learned from a friend: :)

    *All of Magic: The Gathering revolves around Urza in some way.

    *The Weatherlight is now modified with a POLISHED!!! Thran Lens and is now a kickass ship

    *The Predator is destroyed (I think)

    *Mercadians are really the idiotic desendents of the Thran

    *Phyrexian Empire is nine spheres (duh)

    *Gix is DEAD

    Thats all folks :D

    "To make peace with the forest, make peace with me."
    -Multani to Urza
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    I think it's entirely possible that Urza was meant to be depicted in Argivian Archealogist (how do you spell that?!).

    Ratepe is not really Mishra per se... I think that what Urza and Xantcha believed is that he possibly was a reincarnation or had a part of Mishra's soul. Somehow, there was a part of Ratepe that was Mishra, but he was his own person as well.

    Xantcha is a Phyrexian Newt. She (wasn't she sexless??) was somehow made from leftover flesh and bones and grown into what she was.

    Also, the Thran looked extremely different from the Phyrexians. They hadn't completely converted the majority of their body to metal augmentations.

    Xantcha and Ratepe... Well, they died. BOOM! Gone. No more. Finito.

    It was a reference to the past. Gix had met Urza in his past (Urza's future) and knew that there would be more interaction between them even though he died. It's extremely confusing, I know.
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    saved yet again dune
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    Hey Jackal, for a "Master Assassin," you show an awful lot of mercy.

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    Off topic(sort of)
    But did you know that the idea of
    a planeswalker wasn't "published" until Homelands?
    Also someone said that a planeswalker could never be made into a card because the players ARE the planeswalker.
    I don't think that was true until Homelands.
    Oh well, maybe I'm wrong... :p

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