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  1. Skyrider Prince of Winds

    1 x Mana Cylix

    2 x Nightscape Familiar
    2 x Ravenous Rats
    2 x Reaping the Graves
    4 x Tendrils of Agony

    2 x Arctic Merfolk
    4 x Brain Freeze
    2 x Counterspell
    4 x Shrieking Drake
    2 x Stormscape Familiar
    2 x Temporal Fissure
    2 x Whirlpool Rider

    4 x Cavern Harpy

    4 x Aluren
    2 x Sprouting Vines
    3 x Wirewood Savage

    2 x Dromar's Cavern
    4 x Forest
    5 x Island
    5 x Swamp
    2 x Terminal Moraine

    Ok, I need advice on how to clean this up and make the combo go off sooner. I'd like to avoid using cards that'll cost me a fortune (ex. mox), but I'd like for the deck to go off as early as turn 5 if possible.
  2. Rooser Thread Necromancer

    Eladamri's Vineyard could let you go off turn 3, turn 2 if you also added Cloud of Faeries, but you need a pretty good draw for that to work, and the vineyards and the faeries would be kinda useless after turn 4 or so.

    Intuition and Diabolic Intent, or perhaps just Diabolic Tutor, are good search cards. If you added white you could run Eladamri's Call and/or Sterling Grove. Worldly Tutor and Enlightened Tutor are also old standbys.

    Cards that I think have no business in here are:

    Reaping the Graves
    Mana Cylix
    Dromar's Cavern

    Also, try playing with a little more land, if you find that lack of mana is your problem.
  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Sorry dude, you PMed me about taking a look at this and I have no idea. I'm not really up with current spells/expansions and how they go with older stuff (at least with your deck).
  4. Skyrider Prince of Winds

    thx anyway man
  5. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    Figured I'd post here considering the ongoing discussion.
    Items I notice.

    Shrieking Drake is from Mirage block and is not extended legal (if that's your goal).

    Terminal Moraine is way too slow for this deck. It should be ON fetchlands or City of Brass.

    You need a creature that pulls basic lands out of your library, either Yavimaya Granger or Yavimaya Elder.

    I would put 1 copy of Cloud of Fairies in here, so if you get the Savage/Harpy combo going you ensure that you get 2 mana for Brain Freeze.

    I don't really see the point of the PS familiars, it seems to me the item you are trying to get out quicker is the Aluren - and none of the 4 familiars help with that. Plus EVERY card in your deck that benefits from them does not need them because A) they are cheap anyway or B) they are free once Aluren drops.

    I think you've also got 1 (maybe 2) too many Brain Freeze's in here. You only need 1 to go off, and if they've got a counter they'd probably use it on the Harpy anyway.

    I'm not sure 2 counters are going to help you much, but if you are going to run them they might be better as Prohibit since you UU ability is limited.

    Ravenous Rats maybe should be Msemeric Fiends. Because of Aluren (critters played as instants) and the Harpy, you can abuse the Fiends leave play/come into play stack effects and permanently remove cards from your opponents' hand.

    For speed, consider:
    Eladamri's Vineyard
    Mox Diamond
    Show and Tell (eh, just thinking)

    For consistency consider:
    Wall of Blossoms
    more Raven familiars
    Worldly/Vampiric tutor

    Hope this helps.

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