Phyrexian Surgery (November t2)

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  1. Ristik New Member

    Here's a deck I've been developing for use with my somewhat-serious playgroup:

    14 Island
    4 Salt Marsh
    4 Underground River
    3 Goham Djinn
    3 Spiketail Drake
    3 Thwart
    3 Daze
    3 Counterspell
    3 Probe
    3 Fact or Fiction
    4 Opt
    3 Lobotomy
    4 Recoil
    3 Spite/Malice
    3 Gush
    4 Chill
    3 Perish
    2 Misdirection (fun in SO many ways)
    1 Do or Die
    3 Juntu Stakes
    2 Tsabo's Decree

    Here's my questions:
    Foil. Use or no? If yes, replace what?
    various 3's. I'd like to make some of these 3's into 4's, but what should I cut?
    Mystical Tutor. Use or no? Replaces what?

    My one comment is that I cannot afford Undermines. Read my article to understand why.

    Any other comments would be appreciated.

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