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  1. theBruce58 The Artifact King

    Hello, all!

    I've got a massive favor to ask: I've been working on a number of decks to comprise what would be the quintessential "Phyrexian" theme deck. I mean, I need decks that totally personify what you would think of as a "Phyrexian" deck.

    You can post responses here, or e-mail me at Be sure and tell me why you're e-mailing, :)

    I appreciate any feedback anyone has, as I've created some killer decks, but I feel I need some input outside my bubble, :)

  2. garfobo Member

    U should've put this in the decks area.
  3. theBruce58 The Artifact King

    Ahhh, thanks, Gar...well, it has a serious story-tie-in with it, which will relate to my first article for CPA, so I thought it would be better in the Storyline section, as it ties in to the story I'm crafting...*sigh* :) I'll get used to this thing eventually! Thanks~

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