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  1. saraja Guest

    I saw photos on T.V I hope pictures like this will spread around so that people will start thinking with their conscious instead of their greed. I also heard that the Americans administration is afraid of such pictures being spread around and anti-war resentiment might rise again. I'm fully aware that many innocent Iraqi civilians are being injured and killed by US bombs, and that's horrific. Honestly, thoughts like this plague me every day... I do not consider myself truly pro- or anti-war, but that does not make me indifferent.
    I would advise anyone in here especially young and sensitive members if you go to these sites, are aware you are going to see dead people of both sides. Reports/Different special reports/Photos of Iraq war victims.htm
  2. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I'm missing proof in all of these that they were caused by US efforts and materials... specifically...

    Do I know stuff like this happens in war - yes, but it's still better than a tyrant ruling a country...
  3. EricBess Active Member

    I agree with train. It is very sad that this sort of stuff happens in the world, but this is war, after all. There are plenty of things going on from both sides. And about the government not wanting you to see these pictures....I actually think that they would want you to remember that there are people over there that we are trying to help. A lot of people are upset by the war effort and should probably remember that we are trying to help, not just go in there and take over.

    A lot of this sort of crap went on before we were over there, too. And blaming stuff like this on the US is like agreeing with the guy who is holding a knife to someone's head saying, "don't come closer - you're killing this person."... credit where credit is due, people.

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