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  1. Zorak New Member

    Here's a deck idea I came up with recently:

    4x Hickory Woodlot
    4x Sandstone Needle
    2x Geothermal Crevice
    2x Tinder Farm
    2x Shivan Oasis
    6x Forest
    6x Mountain
    4x Penumbra Bobcat
    4x Penumbra Kavu
    4x Penumbra Wurm
    4x Obliterate
    4x Fog
    4x Tangle
    4x Stone Rain
    4x Pillage
    2x Elfhame Sanctuary
    2x Hull Breach
    4x Reclaim

    I'm open to suggestions!
  2. EricBess Active Member

    Elfhame Sanctuary and 2 other cards (not sure which) should be replaced by Harrow. You can only get basic land anyway and since you are playing Reclaim, you get synergy with being able to reclaim a land and a Harrow.

    I'm assuming here that the idea is to get enough mana to cast Obliterate quickly. If the Elfhame Sactuary is strictly for recovery and you already get the mana fast enough, than my suggestion is mute.

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