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  1. Ophidian New Member

    I have heard a lot of talk about people wanting the P9 reprinted. Personally, I don\'t think that is a good idea for the game, but what if they could reprint them as novelty cards. I have never had a P9, along with everyone else I know. How about this:

    Take Lotus (for example), put a gold border on the front AND back, and put it in a foil slot. The side of the booster box says that there is one foil in approx. 100 cards, or 6 1/2 packs. Have the P9 reprint placed in one out of 20 foil slots. That way, everyone is happy. It won\'t ruin the collectors value of P9, Can\'t use them in tourneys, and would be easily spotted in a deck. And the new guys (like me) would have the chance to hold one. But they would be in only one in seven or eight boxes, so the market wouldn\'t be flooded with them. They could also put the set symbol of the box they were placed in, and do something to it, like rainbow-colored or silver/gold striped.

    I know I am missing something here, but I just wanted to throw an idea out and see what everyone thinks.

    \"This should be interesting....\"
  2. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    Its an interesting idea to replace normal foils with them. It may even help to drive up the faltering sales of the newer sets.
  3. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Or as a way to encourage sales of 7th edition. If they don't put SOMETHING interesting in there, it won't sell any better than 6th did.

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  4. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    It would screw up limited, especially draft... how do you handle having a card you can't use in a draft?
  5. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    You could notify the tourny official and they would replace the "P9" card with a random card from a big stack or box or something for the appropriate card slot (common, uncommon, rare). If there wasn't an official I'm sure everyone you were playing could agree to do the same thing by you just dumping it out and notifying them of what slot it took up.
    It would work and wouldn't take much effort.
  6. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    What if it was the first draft held at that location? Where would the cards of the appropriate slot some from then? :p

    I know, I know. I'm nitpicking. It sounds like a fine idea to me, actually. I hate the reprint policy; I just think that they'd catch a lot of hell for dropping it, so they probably won't.

    Chaos Turtle's accuracy rating in predicting moves to be made by WotC/DCI/R&D is approximately 49% so take it with a grain of salt.
  7. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    CT has color! Let's see if my sig will work now!
  8. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    Umm, you could give them a new pack and just forget the one that was opened. Yeah that would work, forget about the totally awesome broken billion dollar rare sitting beside the lotus, and just give a new booster. :p
    hehehe. :)
  9. Ophidian New Member

    I would like the opportunity to use the power cards, but other than proxing them, which IMO is cheesy, this would be the only way. And I do think they should reprint them in a edition, not an expansion. BTW, are there foils in 6th? I never bought any.

    Oh, and to clarify my idea, I would place the reprints in the foil rare slot, about every seventh one.
  10. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Aaaackk! Back in the grave, down, down! <stomping vigorously on this topic>

    Hmmm, well, it doesn't look like it's going to work. So....

    If you could play with the Power Nine, what sort of decks would you make? What sort of tourney decks could be made? Should Dark Ritual and Mana Vault come back also (and various other cards that provide fast mana)? Are you sure these decks would not dominate the environment?

    If I can get some reassurance that they won't, then I guess I'd like to see them. Otherwise, there was a reason they were not reprinted.

    Oh, and honestly, just having one for the sake of having one isn't enough for me. I mean, I have regular playable rares that I never use; if I have a Black Lotus, you can be darn sure I'd want to use it! Wouldn't you? :)
  11. Ophidian New Member

    Spidey, that is the reason I said that they should have a gold border, so they cannot be used in tournaments. Basically the only time you WOULD be able to use them is in casual games. I just want to know what it is like to use them. I really like the moxes, but the lotus is something else. It is cool, but it is not the card I would spend $400 on. That is all I was saying

    <topic magically springs forth from the grave with new vigor> hehe
  12. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    <looking around for Jackal's crossbow>

    Well, I guess the question for people is:

    Would they mind having an unplayable rare foil taking up a slot where a playable card might be, despite its desirability? Although I guess they can trade it for playable cards if they get it...
  13. Mr_Pestilence Wumpus

    If the P9 were reprinted and placed in foil slots, and were not tournament legal, it would be no different from drafting around foil basic land. If you want it, take it, even though it doesn't help your draft deck. If you don't want it, let it go.

    And yes, I hope they put something worthwhile in 7th Edition. 6th only has about 3 sellable/tradable cards in it: Vampiric Tutor, Hammer of Bogardan, and Birds of Paradise.
  14. Ophidian New Member

    I want to see something better in 7th too. I would like to see 4th ed. again. I liked that one
  15. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Was I the only one that thought 6th was balanced? I agree with printing the p9. But they should make the covers only SLIGHTLY different. like on the cover say "Magic:the Gathering
    Card 1 of Power 9"

    So they couldnt be played in tournements and for casual play your friend wouldnt get mad at you for playin with gold bordered. This seems VERY possible.
  16. Major Crime New Member

    Unglued 2 was dropped / put on hold, this could be a way of bringing it back & getting it good sells. Put the P9 in nine of the R slots.

    Or for fun have Unglue 2 as a smaller set of say 50 cards, maybe only rares or rares & uncommons, which would be placed one or two cards in place of commons in 7th Ed. This would help in draft, by you all getting an unplayable card, which would be put to oneside when the packs are first opened. Or you could do an unglued draft like the areane (Help on spelling please) league did(might have been straight play not draft :confused: ) when unglued came out.

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  17. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Oh, man. I thought this thread was dead a long time ago.

    Okay, Pros and Cons time:

    A) Newbies don't have them and for the most part can't get them. Reprints would offer a chance to get some prestige.
    B) Reprints are entirely viable if WOTC really wanted to do it.
    C) Not all reprints have to be Power 9. There are many cards that are on the Reprint Policy just because but would be balanced AND interesting even in the current environment.
    D) Seeing a print of a card with the current wording style, correct symbols, and new flavor text is just so cool.
    E) What does WotC have to lose with the casual player? We play anything pretty much, right? There's no serious balance issues because for the most part, we follow the rules in the books alone and we can turn down playing someone if we want to for any reason at all.

    A) I am a partial collector, I keep one of everything I can get my hands on and don't play with it. From that perspective, it would totally suck to pay 250 for a Black Lotus and watch some 13 or 14 year-old pull one out of pack any time afterward.
    B) This is a CCG-- Collectible Card Game. How many people out there have complete sets of any other card games out there? Why are rares so much fun to pull? Because they are RARE! (It only sucks when the rare sucks. I pulled 3 Parallax Inhibitors out of one box of Nemesis. You know how many Fading cards I use on a regular basis? 2- Tangle Wire and Skyshroud Ridgeback.)
    C) Do we really want to have any amount people suddenly running around with decks made of Moxes and Lotuses and Time Walks and Timetwisters and playing one-sided deck masturbation because they can? Does the casual player really want to have to deal with Mr./Mrs. Money-bags running around and saying, "Hey, I got my Type 1 Bargain/Donate/Stroke/Replenish deck! Wanna use your Thallid/Goblin/Avatar against it?" It's bad enough in the stores where I used to play as it is.
    D) Are people wanting the Power 9 for fun? Or is it just prestige? Is it the name? Let me ask this: How broken is Time Spiral? Diminishing Returns? Mox Diamond? Jeweled Amulet? Time Warp?

    Time Spiral- Yes. Even though it's one shot use, it's free and High Tide along with MoM just ruined it totally. Some prestige value.
    Diminishing Returns- Not broken, bad name. Would have been hugely more popular with a Time name and I think people would have realized THIS IS NOT A BAD CARD!
    Mox Diamond- Nope, it's got the Mox label but it's balanced. Great if the deck is designed to use it's aid. And it's got a high value. Lots of prestige value too. People really want to get ahold of these.
    Jeweled Amulet- This is a Mox in disguise with the words: "Every other turn tap a land you control.
    T: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Jeweled Amulet does not untap during your next untap step." Now change the name to Mox Prism. This card would have been more popular, still not the best, but more popular.
    Time Warp- Still good. Has the Time word in it. I haven't seen one of these not sell on eBay yet (trust me, I'm trying to get one!).

    These are all rehashed ideas, some are balanced, some aren't, but all with a name connection.

    But it's the prestige I think that people truly seek out the Power 9 and such. Does a deck of Moxes and Lotuses really add to the game's fun factor when it could potentially cut the speed of the game to a fraction of what it could be? Is the game fun when combo players use these to fuel insane mixes which are more like playing solitaire?
    Reprinting the P9 is all about prestige and power to the lucky few who get them, IMO. Can you honestly say that if you had one, you would not be tempted to try to use them to your advantage in a way to throw out fast creatures or insane combos? That's all they're used for anyway. To speed up the game.

    The Power 9 should not be reprinted, but that doesn't mean that all the old rares should suffer the same fate. What is so wrong about Raging River? It's pretty fun actually.

    If anything, the P9 should be rehashed in a new and interesting way similar to the original, but with the same cool and flavorful names.
  18. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    No matter what the rarity, markings, or how many holes you punch in them, DO NOT BRING BACK THE P9! I don't want to play a three-turn mox-lotus deck. I don't want t play against one either. And it will drive down prices, a little. And I will personally quit magic, so there goes a great source of income for WOTC.
    Look, the P9 were banned because they were too powerful. The fact that you want them back clearly shows that you haven't seen them dominate a tournament. Look at it this way, is anyone calling for the return of Reccurring nightmare? No, because they saw recursion decks have their heyday, and they knew that it was all well and good, but it wasn't worth forming a magic-playing public that all used the same cards? K? And don't BS me, with 1-2000 packs having a p9 card, the rich bastards will once again rule magic. And I thought you were CASUAL players...
  19. arhar Member

    This is a little bit off-topic, but it came up early in the thread:

    Are you people sure you want foils in 7th edition?

    Do you remember how WOTC was trying to come up with effective Arena and later FNM prizes?

    First, there were promo cards like Nalathni Dragon, Giant Badger, etc.

    Then, alt. art cards like Arena lands, Counterspell, Fireball, etc.

    But all of this didn't work. And finally, they came up with a good solution - foil versions of the cards that are not from foil-expansion - Saga and 6th. Saga will leave T2 soon. And if 7th will have foils, what will we have for FNM prizes?

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