Oversoul's undefeated deck from the Core 2020 Prerelease


The Tentacled One
It was bound to happen eventually through dumb luck, despite my lack of affinity for Limited formats. I won. Better, even. My prerelease deck went completely undefeated. Not bad for a set I didn't study up on at all even a little bit. So of course, I had to snap a picture...

m20 prerelease deck.jpg

Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer was the star of the show. I was lucky enough to draw into her most games, and successfully protected her from attack. Knight of the Ebon Legion was also a powerhouse. Anyway, this seems like a fun set. I've noticed a consensus that there's a kind of fatigue, with Modern Horizons following on the heels of War of the Spark, having yet another new set has just been too much. But I think it's the best core set in years. Really kind of impressed with the quality of sets this year. Well, that's all.