Oversoul plays in a real Legacy tournament for the first time in years...

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    Perhaps as befits my membership on a site called the Casual Players Alliance, I don't actually attend many tournaments. I've planned to at various points and had schedule conflicts or other things come up. On Monday, I was already working morning and afternoon in Seattle, just a little south of where I was planning to make a major card purchase after work that evening, and so I stuck around to play in the tournament. While I've built a few different Legacy decks recently, the only one that I still had together was my Oops! All Spells gimmick deck...

    4x Balustrade Spy
    4x Elvish Spirit Guide
    1x Laboratory Maniac
    4x Narcomoeba
    4x Simian Spirit Guide
    4x Street Wraith
    1x Tinder Wall
    4x Undercity Informer
    1x Underworld Cerberus
    1x Wild Cantor
    4x Cabal Ritual
    4x Dark Ritual
    4x Manamorphose
    3x Summoner's Pact
    3x Cabal Therapy
    1x Dread Return
    4x Gitaxian Probe
    1x Bridge from Below
    4x Chrome Mox
    4x Lotus Petal

    2x Empty the Warrens
    4x Goblin Charbelcher
    4x Lion's Eye Diamond
    3x Spoils of the Vault
    2x Tinder Wall

    I wrote about this archetype at some point on The Comboist Manifesto, but I forget the details. Anyway, the point is to generate four mana, play either of the two rogue creatures, dump my library popping out Narcomoebas, Dread Return Underworld Cerberus, sac Underworld Cerberus to Cabal Therapy, exile some spirit guide creatures for mana, play Wild Cantor, sac Wild Cantor for blue, play Laboratory Maniac, cycle a Street Wraith, then win off of Laboratory Maniac's ability. The preference is to do all of that on the first turn. Yes, I'm a jerk. But seriously, if I'm going to venture into an unknown tournament environment when I'm out of practice, I may as well bring a gimmick deck. I did pretty much what I wanted, which was win game one of every match. I even beat my last opponent in the third game by switching to my sideboard and letting him take the bait of mulliganing for Leyline of the Void. I went 2-2 in matches, mostly because my sideboard is actually garbage but also because the deck itself is inherently fragile and bad at fighting through Force of Will.
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