Orim's Chant

Discussion in 'Single Card Strategies' started by PTQ, Aug 17, 2001.

  1. PTQ New Member

    I don't understand why this card is not more popular then it is.

    Agaisnt control, it can either help win a counter war, or act as a counter-thinner to push a much needed spell through.

    Against beatdown, with the kicker, it's practicly a time walk.

    Is there some nuance I'm missing?
  2. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    I think that it is a good card but it really doesn't do anything to help you win. It helps you not lose. If your deck has the room for it that is find but a lot of decks are so tight for space it gets cut.
  3. Hellion New Member

    it's actually a modified Time Walk....

    Believe it or not.
  4. Lotus Mox New Member

    It is a modified Time Walk. It has the additional text, target opponent draws a card and untaps all his stuff.

    It is more comparable to Abeyance, with a Moment of Silence attached to it. But w/o the possibility to cycle it away when it's not needed.

    While Time Walk or Abeyance are at worst cantrips, (Time Walk is even a cantrip which allows you to untap lands), Orim's Chant is at worst a useless piece of paper, and usually it buys you just a bit time at the cost of a card, which is pretty much the same what life gain does, and life gain isn't generally a great strategy.

    It would be probably only useful in Combo decks which desperately need to push something through countermagic, such decks don't exist in T2, hence no one plays Orim's Chant.
  5. jcredberry Gochan Warlord

    I don't really agree with you... Orim's Chant is one of the key pieces of Turbo Chant or Millstone deck... Also I have found it very useful for me to get my Desolation Angel into play and don't get it countered, bounced or killed at instant speed...
  6. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    I think Lotus Mox hit it on the head.

    Orims Chant is trash. Pure and simple trash.

    Using the Des Angle example, you have 8 mana open to do this, presumably the counterspell deck has 8 mana as well. SO they can counter the Chant AND the Angel. In this case Chant is no better than any other card they will be scared of, and it is worse than most other cards in all other situations.
  7. jcredberry Gochan Warlord

    It is a possibility, but remeber that you have played for at least eight turns dropping everything you can against a counter deck... By turn eight I can tell you that an Orim's Chant will give you that extra drop of confidence you need to play the D-Angel... It's not the best card in the world, but with no doubt will help you get it thru...
  8. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    When used in the early game, Orim's Chant is *amazing*. Late in the game, it's not quite so amazing.
  9. Turtlewax Joe CPA Hater of Train

    The card should get more recognition than it does. But since it doesn't provide a win condition it's under-appreciated. They are valued pretty low around here, so I can make a killer Turbo-Chant Deck really easy!:)

  10. r00tg04t New Member

    When planeshift first came out, i saw the chant and picked up 5 or 6 due to how i thought it would be amazing like a abeynce.. back in the day anyway. I made a "Turbo-Chant" deck a few weeks later when the card was going for like 10$/cash the deck was pretty conditional in it's self, but i think this card might be good in a IBC deck or so.. maybe since alot of people are playing U/?/? or just U/? it is a good thing to do on turn 5 or 6 for example to stall their Crosis or whatever they may be playing, while it pushes through a extra few points of damage from your deck, or to force through a turn 5 skizzik with kicker (turn 5 is including the chant cost.) and push through that extra 5 damage for the kill! anyways it's not that bad of a card, just not good like it used to be (Abeynce), i was playing my replenish vs. this other guys replenish and he played 4 Chants, i only run 8 counters in my replenish (4 Mana Drain, 4 Force of Will) i was forced to drain it, then FoW his replenish loosing 3 cards, 1 life, and emptying my hand to 2 cards, and i am out of counters, i replenish on my turn, bargin, opalessence, parrallax wave (x2), and 2 Attunement, i am at 17 life, i have the game pretty much in a lock with the bargin out i have 6 counterspell left, and am likely to draw at least 1 to counter his replenish (assuming he plays it) at the cost of a maximum of 8 life, but still if i didn't run oinked up replenish with bargins (suprises everyone lol i dont know why more people dont use it) he would have ruled me by emptying my hand of counters with just that one chant.
  11. Loonook Crimson King of the CPA

    Chant isnt abeyance. It doesnt come close. Its a wannabe that will never be.. pure and simple simple and pure

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