Origins: Emperor format


Captain Caveman

I need a lot of help with this Emperor format. Please feel free to
suggest anything no matter how silly it may seem. I have to
say this is because of the Emperor deck I've listed below. The
way I uderstand the set-up, its a three on three game but you
have to attack the oppoent adjacent to you seat until one of the
players to the left or right of the Emperor is killed or milled out
of the game. Then its open season on the Emperor. Once the
Emperor is killed or milled out the game is over.

Before posting the decklist I need to reconize the designer.
Richie Proffitt is his name. I hadn't give this deck idea much
thought until I read the Darksteel Reactor thread. I began to
think hay, this might be rogue enough to mess with peoples
minds. I've also inclued one other decklist to play along side
the Reactor deck. It doesn't have much synergy with the
Reactor decklist but the third decklist could be designed to
help the Emperor's Reactor deck.

Decks must follow 1.5 constructed Banned list.

Emperor Decklist:

Reactorsaurus Rex, by Richie Proffitt
4 Darksteel Reactor
4 Sun Droplet
4 Pulse of the Fields
4 Renewed Faith
4 Wing Shards/Stp
4 Well of Lost Dreams
4 Wrath of God
4 Dismantle
3 Words of Worship
1 Akroma's Vengeance
1 Obliterate
4 Blinkmoth Nexus
4 Secluded Steppe
4 Battlefield Forge
2 Mountain
2 City of Brass
4 Plateau
5 Plains

I added some non-basic land but this all.

Can you imagine the Sun Droplet effect in a "six" player game.:D
How good could Pulse be in a six player game?

Deck 2:

4 Cabal Archon
4 Dark Supplicant
1 Graveborn Muse
4 Headhunter
4 Rotlung Reanimator
1 Scion of Darkness
1 Visara the Dreadful
4 Withered Wretch

1 Consume Spirit
4 Dark Banishing
3 Diabolic Tutor
1 Ensnaring Bridge
1 Grave Pact
2 Haunting Echoes
1 Oblivion Stone
1 Living Death

2 Cabal Coffers
21 Swamp

Well there you have it. I've lost my mind. I need your help. I'm
totally lost in this format.


The Tentacled One
Personally, I would try a combo deck that can pull off infinite damage or something similar as the emperor deck, protected by highly defensive decks (lots of stalling capability). Then again, one might also be partial to using extremely fast decks on the outside with an emperor deck that enhances them, so as to rip through the opponent's and crush their emperor like...

But it all depends what you have to work with...


The emperor shouldn't be running Pulse of the fields. He starts at 40 and has a buffer of two lieutenants. However, if the lieutenants ran Pulses instead, that would be hilarious. Better than that, though, might be if you guys each ran 4 Life Bursts. Anything that checks all graveyards could be awesome.

I always wanted to set up an Emperor team where each player on the team was running 4 AK, 4 Aether Burst, 4 Life Burst, 4 Kindle, 4 Flame Burst, 4 Lightning Angel. That'd get pretty nuts.

Captain Caveman

"Can you pick your spots? If so, Capt. Caveman, which one are you?"

I think you can pick which ever spot all three players come to
agreement on. As it stands right now I'm the only player :(
Jason and possiblity my brother would be the other 2 players.
Jason told me he would play whatever seat and deck I gave
him. My brother isn't sure if he will be able to go yet. So I'm not
really sure who the Emperor will be. I don't even know if we'll
have three people but it doesn't matter we'll play it out no
matter what, if they let us.

We need to figure out three deck ideas that have a lot of
synergy. I really need everyone's input for this. For example,
three cycling decks could be interesting. I'm afraid to play
without atleast one deck having the ability to counter spells. I've
read some stuff from various site's that suggest this is very
important. I really don't know.

The Reactor deck looks fun but I'm not sure how effective it
can be. If the Emperor gets it into play on turn four, the other
team would have approximently ten turns to win.(ten counters
+ Dismantle)but a counterspell stops that cold.

The infinite damage idea is probably the best combo but I kind
of wanted to play with a non-infinite combo.

3 x four AK would be crazy good. Just think if the opponent
played knowledge too. Now that's crazy.:eek:


Maybe if you play a deck with lots of spot removal you can clear the way for your Lieutenants.
Is the one where you only affect one spot away from you, i. e. the Emperor only affects his Lieutenants?


sun droplet is pretty much worth less in emperor. you dont take damage in the beginning... and by the time some one gets to hit you, they hit you hard. The other guys already said it best. you need to make a good combo deck or lock down deck with emporer. if your usign the reactor you need coretapper. YOU NEED IT! Since your not sure how you would run your emporer style I recommend setting up your liutenants as speed bumps. It would be great if they can win. But if they can't they need to soak up as much damage and time as possible for you.


sure, I remember losing to some coalition victory on magic online in emprorer.

Captain Caveman

I'm still trying to get some answers but as for as I can tell. If the
Reactor had the required counters,,.....I/we win.

From trains and everyone else's input I need the following:

a Utility Deck
a creature deck
a control deck

Now whom plays what deck.(e.g. which on does the Emperor play?and which flank plays what?)

Please give opinion:
The best utility deck?:
The best creature deck?:
The best control deck?:
.....all of these deck should have synergy with each other.


i dunno about the best anything...i dunno about synergy. What I do know is the emporer better have a win condition set up by the time one of his leutenants goes.


How about some sort of deck that gets Platinum Angel out and protects it with stuff like Lifeline, Leonin Abunas, and Diplomatic Immunity.


high cc cards, minus immunity... easy to set up in the format... It's a thought - but you also want to help your lieutenants... What ideas for them?...

Captain Caveman

Ok, lets throw the Reactor combo deck out the window.

Will this work for the Emperor Decklist?:

4 Secluded Steppe
4 Forgotten Cave
3 Temple Of The False God
5 Plains
4 Plateau
4 Mountain
4 Battlefield Forge

3 Eternal Dragon
1 Decree of Annihilation
2 Akroma's Vengeance
1 Rune of Protection Black
1 Rune of Protection Green
1 Rune of Protection Red
2 Decree Of Justice
1 Darksteel Reactor(ya, I kept one)
4 Lightning Rift
2 Radiant's Judgment
1 Slice and Dice
4 Renewed Faith
3 Starstorm
4 Wrath Of God
3 Astral Slide


I'm telling you, the red-white-blue deck I suggested would be killer. How it would work is each player would play the same exact decklist, and that decklist would be:

4x Lightning Angel <- These are really good in emperor format
4x Accumulated Knowledge <-you do realize you guys will draw a bajillion cards, right?
4x Life Burst <- It's a great team card. Remeber it says "target player" so you can always help out a friend in need!
4x Aether Burst <- it'll quickly become a one-sided evacuation.
4x Kindle <- These really start to add up.
4x Flame Burst <- These too.
4x Isochron Scepter <- HELLO!
6x Other stuff, (Intuition? Obstinate Familiar? Capsize? Counterspells?)
26x Landisms

If you could put the cards together, you would totally rock the house with this.

Captain Caveman

I have no doubt that 3 of those decklist would be good but we
don't have enough of the cards for three of the same deck. Jason
doesn't have anything new(er) and the third player whomever
it ends up being may or may not have them depending if its
my brother, Todd or Ben.

Thanks for that idea we'll work on putting them together maybe
we can get what we need between now and then.

Other suggestions are welcome as well.


I think rooser might have a point!!

or......I think the 2 Flanks should run Aggro/Control....Like W/U or Mono Blue Control....lots of countering, while the Emp. runs a combo that will be set with time provided by the stalling of the flanks....Like Reactor

Just my 2 cents...

Captain Caveman

Brainstorming more ideas;)

Combat Survival
4 Survival of the Fittest
1 Recurring Nightmare
*1 Mortal Combat(alt. win condition)
2 Goblin Bombardment

4 Academy Rector
4 Wall of Roots
4 Birds of Paradise
2 Monk Realist

1 Flametongue Kavu
1 Caller of the Claw
1 Spiritmonger
1 Mortivore
1 Ashen Ghoul
1 Sliver Queen
1 Spike Weaver
1 Squee, Goblin Naboo
1 Uktabi Oragutan
1 Monk Idealist
1 Spike Feeder
1 False Prophet
1 Avalanche Rider
1 Ghitu Slinger
1 Kroviken Horror

4 Savannah
3 Forest
4 Scrubland
4 Bayou
2 Phyrexian Tower
3 City of Brass
3 Taiga

Mortal Combat
2BB, Enchantment, Torment Rare ( )
At the beginning of your upkeep, if twenty or more creature cards are in your graveyard, you win the game.
`The crowd roared, the fighters bled, and the dead piled high in the pits. Only the Cabal could win.`
Illus. Mike Ploog


You could probably try Hermit Druid + Mana Severance with Mortal Combat out too.

space ranger

Not sure about this one.

1st deck counter/bounce

2nd instant creatures(creatures you can play anytime you can play instants ect...) Firecat blitz........

3rd mogg bombers/burn

Just a thought,cause I have no clue about this format:D