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  1. Volradon Kicking it oldschool

    NOw, i know this was discussed alot before but still... Every time i go online to play apprentice, i try to test my new NOV t2 decks i just built. And every time when i get a game i play agains the nearly exact same deck. Green with blastos and wumpusis, and most having burn. Now, i know that there are some variations of those but still, basicly its the same contest.

    Now IMO when a new set comes out you should try to build NEW deck so you can beat the unexpecting opponents instead of copying the same deck over and over again. I mena there are many original decks out there, but about 90% of the people play decks that been around forever (burn, or rebel, or creature green)
  2. DÛke Memento Mori

    No mea culpa, nor yours, but the people's.

    I mean, man, we've talked about this for ages now, and a lot of kids and all still prefer to copy decks than build their own. We've said how 50 percent is PLAYING a deck, but the other 50 is actually BUILDING it. Oh well.

    You know, we also said all the "you don't know what you're missing" and all that. We've unleashed philosphies and all, they don't listen; some do, but MOST, don't. I remember that one time we had an argument(not a war, but, an argument; surprise;)!)at MTGnews over this issue, the exact same issue. They don't listen, they don't care.

    You know, at the end, we're not the ones who are missing on, they are. Basically, they're wasting their time since in MY stupid opinion, I believe that 90, NOT 50, but 90 percent of the game and its fun comes from deciding which color(s) reflect your style and playing it your OWN way, the other 10 percent is just plain playing and testing out YOUR OWN strategies. It's like buying cloths: YOU DON'T GO BUYING what you're friends wear, or EXACTLY what your friends wear, you buy your own, cloths that fit YOU, cloths that YOU like.

    EXAMPLE: I'm not saying that if someone is playing a B/U control(which is happening a lot now thanks to Invasion, and, um, Purple Girl:D), but I'm saying that there ARE more than plenty of different mostly equal in power B/U control decks, I'm not going to mention them, think for you own people:). That's just an example.

    Whenever *I* see a Rebel deck, I see the usual Gliders, and the usual "weenie" basics. Whatever happened to Rebel/U? Or Rebel/B? Or Rebel/ANY COLOR? Or Rebellion Control?

    Blastoderm SHOULD be common in many decks, since everyone realizes how good it is, but I don't see many decks adding 2 or 3 Revives in order to make Blastoderm or the WHOLE Green base better. Come ON, imagin, play a Blastoderm, give your opponent a 3 turn headache, and then, BOOM! Revive! KABOOM, another Blastoderm, WHOOOOOOAAM, another headache!

    There are a lot of stuff that people fair to come up with since they're busy taking MY, YOUR, and EVERYONE elses ideas. How stupid.

    Oh well, we've ranted enough, or atleast, I have. I'm gonna say good bye to these things, for now:).

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  3. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    DUke, I remember MTGnews did become a warzone for several weeks back about half a year ago when I first arrived and started my campaign against scrubishness.

    Heh, it was on the thread about Sivvi and Port being banned in MBC. Once I started that, it carried onto the boards and split the whole site in two. That's when I left for the CPA.

    For weeks, me and a few allies battled a few naysayers, supporters of 'tech' and metagame', there may have even been some other CPA vets there. I don't remember. All I remember of that time now was that it brought me here.

    Thank you scrubs, for showing me the way home :cool:
  4. DÛke Memento Mori

    Emperor!? You still remember all that!?
    Me too:)! It's really funny what it did!
    I think it was cool. I think that's when MTGnews really reached it's "bad peak".

    What memmories...
    WHAT memmories...
  5. Volradon Kicking it oldschool

    Well i can see people playing the standard decks when its like before saga cycles out when u have like stadard decks which are just good but right now i can make a nov t2 deck just to beat one type of deck and fly through tourneys... I mean whats the point of copying decks when a new set comes out... NO one know what the good decks are so why not try to go down in history by MAKING one???????
  6. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Maybe they are all doing that but happen to have all decided that the best new deck is BlastoGeddon? Strikes me nobody is actually copying decks because there are no net decks to copy yet, so probably this is Magic at it`s most creative.

    Sorry, but that`s probably true - when nobody knows what works everybody goes for the most obvious safe choice.

    Everybody is creating their own decks, just they happen to be creating the same deck.
  7. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    No kidding. It's very strange how well development of decks parallel, given the right environment (say, this one). Almost everyone is aware that Blastoderm is a good card. Almost everyone knows that the new Type 2 will be quite mana intensive. Therefore, LD with 'Derms is the way to go, neh? But then everyone thinks about Teferi's Response, and maybe Red targetted spells isn't the way to go...

    Thus, 'Geddon.

    Add Blastoderm.


    It's a good deck, and one who's design process is quite easy to follow. I understand why it's such a global idea right now.

    (Have any of you ever actually thought about what must be going through someone's head when they think up a new deck design? It's intriguing to consider why someone originally came up with ProsBloom, or Aggro-Waters, or The Deck. Try it, it can be VERY fun.)
  8. arhar Member

    Well, Volradon, it maybe a blessing in disguise - if everyone you meet on the internet is playing the same deck, and say, although you didn't say this, but let's assume, you kick their asses, maybe it's time to try that deck at a tournament :D
  9. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Continuing along with arhar's thought, if your deck can't beat the "Net" decks, then you've got to work on your deck until it does. If you're playing competitively or that's your goal...

    If you're just playing "casually" or just wanna test out your deck, make that explicit before you even start to play. If they still wanna play honed decks, don't bother playing (assuming you're with strangers off the Net; friends will probably be more accomodating).
  10. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    Speaking of which, if anyone wants to play a "casual" game of apprentice sometime just pm me. I guarantee a fun time:) (and a pretty good challenge)
  11. Apollo Bird Boy

    First off, I agree that most people are making their own deck, it just happens to be the same deck.

    Second, even if they were all playing net decks, well, you have the perfect opportunity to playtest your deck against what you will likely see in a tournament. If you are testing a deck on Apprentice, you are better off playing against Blastogeddon than a 5-color Celestial Dawn deck (I don't even know if that's in type II; just made it up).

    Third, I would venture to guess that you will see more net decks on Apprentice than in real life. Apprentice is the perfect opportunity for those who don't have many cards to play that net deck that's chock full of rares. Can you blame them for using those 4 Geddons they've never been able to get?

  12. Baskil CPA Member

    I am so ambivalent on this issue it's not even funny. On one hand, I understand that using other people's decks can lead to wins, and is generally easier than building your own deck. But on the other hand, as someone who has played other people's decks in tournaments, I see wins that don't mean anything, and less satisfaction in playing. However, I also see that we have a very constricted playable card pool right now in type II. I also see that there are only really a handful of 'great' cards in type II, some of which happen to be Parallax Wave/Blastoderm/Armageddon. And of course, there's a great article on the Dojo (can't remember who it was by) about how most decks filter, through playtesting, to the same decks.

    Sorry about the rambling :)
  13. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    rebel has been around forever? WTF?

    Okay, there are very few SPECIFIC decks that will last that long. ----geddon is the only one I can think of off the top of my head, where you drop fat green and then geddon.
    Burn, stompy, all other decks change their decklist hugely, and their only similarity is color and playstyle.

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