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  1. Griffith_se Guest

    To: The deck Doc's,

    What would you do to make this better? Don't say scap it :)

    Less Suicide/Suicide Black

    10 Swamps
    8 Plains
    4 City of brass

    3 Mother of runes
    4 Flesh reaver
    3 Phyrexian negator

    4 Spirit link
    3 Disenchant
    1 Worship
    4 Duress
    3 Stupor
    2 Persecute
    3 Vampiric tutor
    4 Dark ritual
    4 Vendetta

  2. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Well I`ve seen this deck before in another guise but fundamentally similar.

    I think you need more creatures - and with evasion would be good as then you needn`t use the Mother.
    Also, the following occurs:
    1. Why do you NEED Dark Ritual. The deck has a very low mana curve already so they seem to just waste slots.
    2. For a deck that needs to see removal to force it`s vulnerable creatures through there seems to be a noticeable lack of the stuff - and is Vendetta the best option considering you will often be taking hits from the Flesh Reaver as well?

    4 Flesh Reaver
    4 Skittering Skirge
    3 Phyrexian Negator
    3 Cateran Enforcer

    4 Spirit Link
    3 Disenchant
    3 Pacifism
    2 Parallax Wave
    1 Noble Purpose

    2 Vampiric Tutor
    4 Duress
    4 Vicious Hunger
    1 Persecute

    4 City Of Brass
    4 Remote Farm
    2 Plains
    12 Swamp

    This version in more intent on creature defense - PWave should be excellent at holding them off the few turns you need. SB would need to takcle nono-creature decks. not sure the Farm is a good thing, but they do ensure getting the WW as the deck requires it.

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