Null Profusion.. what to do with it?


Yes, but we won't care
I hate combo decks. With a passion.

Don't get me wrong; I like combo's. If somebody can point to three cards I had never thought of combining and stump me with the cool interaction that arises when all three are in play, I am impressed. But I don't need to see it happen.

So why did I buy a playset Null Profusion?

So now I have two options. Either I try to create a deck with Null Profusion that doesn't "combo" or I give in, become the scorn of my playgroup and build the combo deck already.

To Combo ...
I'm thinking a deck with Null Profusion, Blood Funnel and lots of (mana) artifacts ... and storm cards. Empty the Warrens provides a lot of tokens which can be sacrificed for the spells you want to resolve, but more importantly it will feed of an enormous chain of free artifact spells (which are countered by Blood Funnel, but played nonetheless).

... or not to combo?
A madness deck? Discard outlets help keep madness going when you don't have a Null Profusion, but I'll have to be carefull not to empty my hand.. perhaps some Dredge cards (like Darkblast?) would really come in handy.

Chime in people!

As usual, I'm mostly interested in building decks with newer cards (say, Mirrodin and up) but lots of ideas are needed!


CPA Trash Man
Nah. There were a bunch of Recycle decks at the tournaments I used to play at back in the Rath Cycle days. Mind you, none of them were Tier 1 decks, but they were fun and consistent.

Ransac, cpa trash man


Yes, but we won't care
The only "combo" deck I've seen with Recycle was with Aluren and lots of elves..

Right now, I've built the combo-version of the deck, including Mishra. I figured that Mishra combo's pretty well with Blood Funnel; you can play an artifact spell (for free) and have Blood Funnel counter it, after which Mishra can find a card with the same name in your graveyard. Plus, Mishra with Signets and Totems gets you a lot of mana fast, which would enable a large storm count..

I wanted to try out several things, so the decklist might be a bit of a mess:

Creatures (12)
4x Mishra, Artificer Prodigy
4x Myr Servitor
4x Storm Entity
Spells (18)
3x Blood Funnel
2x Darkblast
4x Empty the Warrens
3x Ignite Memories
4x Null Profusion
2x Stream of Consciousness
Artifacts (16)
4x Chromatic Star
3x Dimir Signet
3x Foriysian Totem
3x Izzet Signet
3x Phyrexian Totem
Lands (14)
1x Academy Ruins
6x Swamp
7x Mountain



Yes, but we won't care
I played this deck once last night, and it did pretty well. I didn't find a Darkblast in time, so the Soul Warden across from me had already put my opponent outside of Ignite Memories range, but my deck still "went of".

I'll try this a few more times before trying a non-combo version.


CPA Trash Man
Just trim a card here and there. I know that you're trying to make Null Profusion a focus, but do you really need 4 of them?

Ransac, cpa trash man


Yes, but we won't care
I probably don't. The real combo here is Mishra with Blood Funnel (and non-creature artifact spells) so three might be enough.

I was thinking of adding Vedalken Archmage as a back-up for the Null Profusion.. perhaps three of each?

I'll have to rebuild the deck...