Nominations for Urza's Saga Casual Card!


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First reason: I need to keep nominating cards that start with "s."
Real reason: Well, there are other cards in Urza's Saga I like more, especially because there are so many broken cards. But I honestly don't think any of them represent casual magic as much as Serra Avatar. It's a big creature that you can easily make bigger. It has cool interactions with other cards. And it doesn't die like a lot of other big creatures. Instead it just goes back into your library. What could be better?

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Humble .. the best combat trick ever! And usually a great removal spell.



If not for the (as of now, Substance-Knights), the CPA wouldn't exist.

BTW-- our main complaint of 'but now you can't use it with Soul Warden or Concardont Crossroads!' is no more-- Waylay has FINALLY been properly erratta'd!


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I nominate Congregate......

This cards was in every deck that had at least one card from Urza's.
I saw players splash this card in every deck that was used in multi-player games. It got so annoying that our group banned it, since everyone was playing it and the games were lasting hours on end.

This is one of the most mis-used and abused cards from this set.


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Congregate was definitely a big multi-player card, but I've got the impression that the committee has been frowning on cards that are too "good" for us casual players who don't care about actually playing effective cards. Therefore I thought I might go with Scoria Wurm, because we all love flipping coins. Actually, I thought long and hard over Sneak Attack, but in the end the card that is definitely casual, fun, and not too "good" out of Urza's Saga is, Greater Good. The committee must pick this card, it's for the greater good.


Somnophore. Because it's fun, it's effective, and everybody always forgets about it.


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Melkor: Since the committee changes every 4 weeks, it's hard to say what they'd consider :)

I nominate Sleeper Agent, because it takes the right deck to build around it - probably not one you're gonna see in a tourney. Also, it's kinda fun to "give" it to your opponent and see how he'll deal with it before it "pings" him to death...

Total Nominations:

Humble - Limited
Waylay - orgg
Serra's Avatar - Oversoul
Congregate - Mooseman
Temporal Aperture - Youngbeard
Greater Good - Melkor
Somnophore - Istanbul
Goblin Lackey - Ransac
Sleeper Agent - Spidey

Closed for voting.


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Huzzah, I can now respond to Spiderman (that horrible crusher of dissent and discourse), I was of course refering to the comments by one of the Committee members that some of the Exodus nominees were too good to be casual.


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I rule with an iron fist! :D

I know, but like I said, the committee changes all the time. So different people might think such cards are okay. The power of voting!


I disagree... it really is "First turn Smackdown!" (aka Serra Avatar)