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I wouldn't nominate a card I'd never use, and Planeshift really seems to kind of suck. It was the set I was most disappointed with when it came out. There are some cards that I'd definitely use, like Quirion Dryad or Dromar's Charm. But they don't stand out as "casual card hall of fame" candidates. There are a handful of cards that do. I nominate Terminate.

A lot of my opponents liked black and red decks back then, and Terminate was a card that really helped make them good. When Planeshift came out, I only had one Crystalline Sliver and so my Sliver Queens were common targets for Terminate. But I used the card to my own advantage too. Terminate is one of the best gold instants and one of the best creature removal spells ever. And it was well-balanced too.


Isengar Tussle
Flametongue Kavu
Hull Breach

Both are worthy cards, who wouldn't like them....... but the one that was absolutely fun to play was.......

Shifting Sky Enchantment 2U (Uncommon)
As Shifting Sky comes into play, choose a color.
All nonland permanents are the chosen color.

Just have creatures with protection from one color and choose that color.
I liked to play creatures with Pro black and drop this to make them invincible and unstoppable....... Granted it wasn't a definite game winner, but it was fun.


I am gonna nominate Hull Breach (Even though Moose mentioned it first). This card has annoyed me time and time again (my friends favorite card!). I love the duality of its uses!


I'm going to nominate Thornscape Battlemage just because its so useful

A budget answer in any deck!


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Not many nominations... I'm going to nominate Skyship Weatherlight because it's one of the last "players" from the overall story arch starting way back in Weatherlight expansion.

Final Nominations:

Terminate - Oversoul
Shifting Sky - Mooseman
Hull Breach - DarthFerret
Thornscape Battlemage - Limited
Skyship Weatherlight - Spiderman

Closed for voting.


Spidey, you said the skyship was one of the last characters, however, did you forget that they printed Gerrard Capashan in Apocolypse? (He captained the skyship at one point)


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Sorry! Nothing got sent out last week. I think was expecting someone else to send out the "Ballot"....... Actually, I was expecting Spidey to do it, but then remembered "He's not on the committee....."

Ballot is sent. Should have a verdict soon.

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