Nominations for Invasion Casual Card!

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Even though it's the middle of the week, I figure we can still do this by Monday because most nominations peter out within the first couple of days anyway. So get your nomination and reasons in by Monday, 1/8 by 7:00 AM EST.


This is going to be hard. Invasion has a lot of cool cards. Armadillo Cloak still makes me snigger and Cauldron Dance still makes an occasional appearance in my playgroup.
The set features some iconic fatties, like the ally-color dragons (like Rith, the Awakener) and Reya Dawnbringer. Invasion also contains a lot of efficient and flavorful utility-creatures like Cinder Shade and Shivan Emissary. Mass-removal and mass-reanimation at instant speed! (Rout and Twilight's Call)

Amidst all these worthy contenders, I have to nominate a personal favorite.

Devouring Strossus!

The mana-cost and upkeep-cost might be steep, but the 9/9 flying trampling Horror is worth it. I love how it also provides a sacrifice outlet and can even regenerate in a pinch. But most of all, I love the art. D. Alexander Gregory at his best!


Ok, Wanna card that says casual and (for some of you here) was probably never used in tournaments? How about this one

Mana Maze


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Like Limited, I have a host of possible choices, many of them the same as the ones he already named. I also enjoyed Charging Troll (excellent with the aforementioned Armadillo Cloak), Frenzied Tilling (especially because so many of my opponents would have a key nonbasic in play that I could hit), Phyrexian Infiltrator (there were some awesome tricks with this guy), Recoil (the card I used the most from this set both when it came out and years later), Sleeper's Robe (it was like Fear and Curiosity combined for only 1UB), and Spinal Embrace (it was a running joke in my old playgroup).

But Yawgmoth's Will was and is one of my favorite cards. And even I have to admit that it is broken. So it was cool to have a subsitute that didn't win the game right away. And it was useful in multiplayer. And I used to always play it with Energy Field. But my favorite thing about Yawgmoth's Agenda was replaying all of the cards my opponents had killed. Each of my turns was a guessing game: which card will be making a return appearance this time?

Killer Joe

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Recoil, imo, best represents a casual card in that it's a "Two-fer" and a common. Not only does it boing-back a permanant but the owner has to discard a card as well. It's as good as gold,....well,,....I guess technically it IS gold..,.. :rolleyes:


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A nice bundle of casual cards in this set, although no one has mentioned my top four or so, yet. I like Captain Sisay out of the set, begs to be used and obviously Coalition Victory is a nutty card. Obliterate is a fun one too, you get to blow everything up and nothing can stop you, but I believe I shall nominate Mage's Contest, sure it's a counterspell, but it's red, and you get to bid life. I've always had a soft spot for life bidding cards.


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Final Nominations:

Devouring Strossus - Limited
Mana Maze - DarthFerret
Yawgmoth's Agenda - Oversoul
Recoil - Killer Joe
Dueling Grounds - Mooseman
Mage's Contest - Melkor

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