nim pacifist and goblin alchemist

Discussion in 'Home Made Cards' started by Doombringer, May 8, 2004.

  1. Doombringer Durandal

    here are two cards that directly go against the philosophies of their types and colors

    Goblin Alchemist 2R

    Shows goblin holding beaker
    w/ green liquid bubbling down
    the side, burning its fingers off.

    creature - goblin wizard

    3(T) Draw a card
    E= mcROCK!

    This is pretty much just a goblin with a blue styled ability.

    Nim Pacifist 3B

    shows standing nim w/
    birds perched on hands,
    arms and shoulders

    creature - nim wall

    (walls cant attack)
    Nim pacifist gets +0+1 for
    each artifact you control
    (T) prevent all damage from
    a single source, if this damage
    was more than Nim Pacifist's
    toughness, sacrifice it.

    This nim still has the artifact powerup ability, but its changed to be more wall like. also, his tap ability is sac so that you cant indestructable him to be able to block any damage.

    I had ideas for other colors (neurok brute, leonin graverobber, elvish machinist) but i didn't think they were that good.

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