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    Just for fun, I put together a deck of all the commons from Urza's legacy (there's 11 in each color). I added a 12th for each color by including an uncommon (Ghitu War Cry for red, Radiant's Dragoons for white, etc.) trying to keep the choices in flavor, and added land to make a 100 card deck for both players to draw from.

    This proved too unreliable mana wise, so I split the decks into 2 50-card decks, pitting the red-white-green deck against the black-blue-green deck. This worked out incredibly well, and the 2 decks are fairly well balanced. The decks are a little Portal-like in appearance (as there are no artifacts) but with the instants, and instant speed effects they're really fun to play, and are much better than Portal for teaching new players, I've found.

    I've tried it with some of the other expansions (like Destiny), but they haven't played as well for me. Maybe someone else will get it to work better...

    If you looking for a good pair of training decks to carry around, and would like it to fit in a box like a card sleeve box, try this. It's a lot of fun.

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