New to the forums, not new to magic.


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Hello everyone!
I was involved in the arena forums primarily because it was the only MTG focused forums that wasent freaking reddit. I cant stand reddit.

I do still have and play a copy of dules 2015 Garruks revenge {modded} that i can jump into when i need to scratch my MTG itch.

As far as paper magic. Well. I havent been able to play nearly as much as i want to with the crona crap going on.

I did have a husband/wife set that i was playing with but they got really flaky with me and game nights. I think i am currently up to 7 texts sent from me that have not been responded to.

I guess we played what you would consider vintage? We buy cards from basically anywhere we want and if we feel that card can go into a deck, it does. Tho now if i am going to try for more FNM i am going to make the switch over to modern because i feel it would be more popular. And thats IF i can find a shop around here that does infact host FNM. I do know a few shops that used to do FNM have shut down or moved. Or are currently not hosting because of crona crap.

I enjoy magic. I want to be able to play magic. Relying on the people i mentioned above is starting to piss me off. I dont want to be forced to rely on game night only when they decide im worthy to be around.

On the other hand it is also starting to piss me off that my collection is currently collecting dust

Anyways, thats my rant. Thanks for letting me into the forums i hope to see you all in discussions!!


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Word of warning: the forums here tend to be very slow. Don't get too discouraged if you post a topic and don't see a whole lot of responses. There's maybe a half dozen people posting regularly and we don't all gravitate to the same things, so sometimes we'll post something and it's just a situation where no one else really has the knowledge on that topic to respond.

I mostly play Magic on Arena, but I prefer limited formats and I'm absolutely terrible at Midnight Hunt, so I haven't been playing as much. I have been going to prerelease events for the past few sets, but I don't feel any particular need to play paper Magic.

If you're REALLY desperate for a Magic fix, we actually play games on this forum. They tend to drag out forever, but at least they move.

Happy posting!


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Welcome, I still post here a lot (except in the Warhammer Quest thread, where I run and hide). I'm back to playing EDH in-person once a week or so, and my stupid EDH decks might be the main ones I talk about here, but I play other formats too, given the opportunity. I write some longform stuff here on the forums.

The Magic games on the forums are kind of like correspondence games. Here's an example of a game I won chose entirely at random:


Isengar Tussle
It's all by the honor system, since winning doesn't get you anything but we all get the joy of playing.
I have an excel program that I developed to do a lot of the deck manipulation..... I really should update it some day.


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Glad you could make it! You appear to be the first (and only) "refugee" from the MTGA Forums, but I'm happy that someone made it...