Need Starcraft Broodwar, or any other good games...

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by whiteknight11, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. whiteknight11 New Member

    I am looking for Starcraft Broodwar, Warcraft III, or any other good RPG/ Good shooting games. Let me know if you have any good ps2 games, Thanks. I am also looking for shooting games for pc, or war games like Age of Empires and Age of Mythology. Let me know if you have anything I want...

    Playstation 2 Games I want:

    SOCOM: US Navy Seals
    Conflict Desert Storm
    Metal Gear Solid 2
    Final Fantasy X
    Madden 2003
    NHL 2003
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon(The one with the Silver Text)
    GTA: Vice City
    Anything that is a good RPG, or a good shooter. Sports games are cool too, Thanks

    PC games I want:

    Warcraft III
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (The silver collecter's edition one)
    Starcraft Broodwar
    Mideival: Total War

    Anything having to do with war, shooting or anything gory. Let me know if you have anything, Thanks

  2. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    I have Starcraft with the Brood War expansion, Age of Empires with the expansion, and Age of Mythology (though I don't think I would give up either of the Age games).

    Oh, and if you want a shooter, you can download America's Army for free from
  3. whiteknight11 New Member

    Thanks Svenn. Is the American Army game any good??

    Keep the comments coming

  4. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    Yeah, America's Army is okay, but it's online-only and you have to go through a bunch of training and qualification, so it's sort of tedious for most people. You also have to ignore the amazing amounts of stupidity being exchanged by the players, for every server out there is filled with Texans and armed forces folk.

    If you still need Brood War, I've got it and haven't played it for about a year, so I'm willing to part with it.
  5. whiteknight11 New Member

    is broodwar a good expansion. Because I heard that they made Terrans suck and the Zergs and Protoss insane...I can get it from my freind but not for awhile...So I will trade for it...What do you need from my list?? Let me know...

  6. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    Brood War sux!!! Terrans have below average abilities and Protoss and Zerg kick the living crap out of each other!!!

    just giving ya the truth...

    Shogo is a good one as well but Heavy II is not good
  7. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Terrans are cool with Medics to heal the Marines, I think, and even though the Valkyries aren't maybe worth the resources it takes to build them I think they're quite a bit better than Devourers or Corsairs.

    Lurkers and Dark Archons are just plain fun to play with though...;)
  8. whiteknight11 New Member

    I have heard that a lot, that the terrans get screwed and the zergs and protoss beat the living christ out of it still good thouhg??

  9. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    small campeign... killer maps... just don't like the editor still.
  10. whiteknight11 New Member

    Thanks for the tips guys, im just sticking will beating the christ outta people with the terrans...Thanks for the tips...I'm guan stick with the Original Starcraft, then move from there, if you have Age of Mythology, give it to me!!!

  11. Darkstar An Entire Marching Band

    hey dood i posted in ur list, are u going to reply? i have sent u pms as well... lmk something asap
  12. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    If you like C&C you should try Renegade...

    Its just a little shoot'em up that sports the world of C&C with vehicles and buildings.

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