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    So, despite missing a couple of key weeks, I managed to just barely sneak into the Top 8 on achievement points in my local Commander League. I'm tentatively planning to dedicate more of my active deckbuilding efforts to that league, so I'll be tailoring new decks or revisions to existing decks to suit that endeavor. Aside from decks for the League, I'll definitely be keeping Gitrog County Municipal Lake Dredge Appraisal going. And I have another one I broadly sketched out, but haven't finished...

    Meanwhile, there's something else I want to try. It's not for the league. I don't even know if I'll finish it. This is more of a longterm project anyway. If I do build it, I'll take my time.

    I want to build an EDH deck using only cards with the old "pre-Modern" frame. The right and proper card frame. No new card frames! And so far, well, that's all I've got. That's all I'm sure about anyway. Well, I have some other possible goals...
    • I was thinking of making this all white-bordered cards, but I think that constraint might be a bit much. I don't think I'll hold myself to all white borders, but I intend for this deck to use a lot of white-bordered cards. Wherever available, I'll use a white-bordered version of a card. Unless it's got the new card frame. In that case the frame is more important and I'll have to go with a black border.
    • I want to use a lot of tacky-looking and obscure cards. I want this to have stuff that we don't normally see in Commander games. That goes for actual card selection as well as other details. I'll be on the lookout for bad art, especially if it's a relatively obscure reprint of some card that originally had better art. Maybe something from the Beatdown box set or from one of the Portal sets. This is the opposite of the typical EDH bling. I want this deck to look nasty (I won't deliberately ruin cards or anything, but if I own heavily-played copies of something, that's a consideration). Speaking of which...
    • Absolutely no foils. Under any circumstances.
    • I still own a few old cards my friends vandalized many years ago (the cards weren't mine at the time they were vandalized). If I can find them, they're strong candidates for this. That definitely goes for sharpied basic land proxies.
    • Just to really drive the point home, I'm going to be sure to use different versions for all of my basic lands. No two of them will be alike. Hopefully all of them will be white-bordered too. Should be pretty easy. Got to get some bad artwork in there too.
    • While the aesthetic criteria are important, this is also going to be a real deck. It'll have some kind of functional theme(s) and should be able to hold its own in Commander games.
    I haven't settled on a commander. My first thought was either Adun Oakenshield or Ramses Overdark. They don't come with a white border, but that's probably fine. I toyed with the idea of a white-bordered commander as a requirement for the deck, but options are surprisingly bad. In fact, other than a bunch of monocolored guys in Portal: Three Kingdoms and all of the multicolored reprints in Chronicles, it's just these Ihsan's Shade and Mirri, Cat Warrior in Anthologies. And that's it. Now, there are some decent creatures in there, but none that really seem worth it just to have a white-bordered commander, especially since I'm probably using a lot of black-bordered cards here anyway.
    I know that's not much to go on, but any ideas and input would be appreciated. Like I said, I'm taking my time with this one and I'm not far into it yet.

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