my own replenish deck

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  1. secret assasian New Member

    I wasnt going to post this deck,but i said what the heck. I know replenish is a hot deck right now so i maid my own version, thoughts and comments welcome.

    4-frantc search
    2-fog banks
    4-tolarian winds
    2-mystical tutor
    2-war tax
    1-aether barrier
    2-veiled crocodile
    3-veiled serpent
    3-rising waters

    1-noble purpose
    1-fountain watch
    1-noble stand
    1-cop green
    1-cop red
    1-cop black
    1-cop blue
    1-cop artifacts

    10 islands
    10 plains

    I know this deck doesnt look like much, but having 8 cards that cycle help me through my deck, also the t.winds helps me empty a useless hand, if some reason it doesnt come out quick i have cards to help me, like the cop cards, the fog bank,and the sleeper enchantments. once i replenish and have the rising water in play it should slow my opponent,which hopefully gives him 2 turns to live, cause all my creatures will have flying with the levitations.

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