My new n00b deck.

Discussion in 'Casual Decks/Variants/Etc' started by reco5151216, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. reco5151216 The Mehful One

    Basicly this is my new throw together deck from some of the stuff given to me by freinds...should be has won a few matches.

    12 Swamp
    1 Tree of Tales
    7 Forest

    2 Rakdos Signet
    1 Steel Wall
    1 Isochron Scepter
    1 Welding Jar

    2 Slithering Shade
    2 Sadistic Augermage
    1 Slaughterhouse Bouncer
    2 Demon's Jester
    2 Drekavac
    1 Lyzolda, the Blood Witch
    1 Nim Lasher
    1 Rakdos Guildmage

    3 Grizzly Bears
    1 Thorn Elemental
    1 Trolls of Tel-Jilad
    1 Tel-Jilad Chosen
    1 Llanowar Eleves

    1 Wrecking Ball
    1 Monstrous Growth
    1 TwinStrike
    1 Douce in Gloom
    1 Rampant Growth
    1 Irradiate
    1 Consume Spirit
    1 Tooth and Nail
    1 Ferocious Charge
    1 Wrench Mind
    1 Fog
    2 Taste for Mayhem

    Any suggestions? If you give an idea of where I should go to make it a better deck I could probably obtain the cards because right now I'm kinda card-rupt and I wanna get some more.
  2. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    First of all, i don't really get the Isochron Scepter. The only card you can imprint is Fog, which makes it a useless card most of the time.

    Next, I think the deck could use some more mana; 21 lands is not a whole lot. If you add another Forest or two, and a Mountain, you should add some landsearching. Farseek shouldn't be hard to come by.

    As for getting cards; I usually get my cards on ebay. Especially beginning players can find a lot of auctions that consist of a lot of random commons or leftovers from someone elses collection.. this is a really good way to get your collection started.
  3. reco5151216 The Mehful One

    I used to have more instants in here but they got 'misplaced' so I guess I forgot to check how many instants where still in....but fog is a useful card....especially if I can't seem to get any of the cheap creatures that are in my deck.
  4. Force of Will Smith New Member

    drop twinstrike.. it needs red
    drop welding jar as you dont have many artifacts that would need regenerating
    drop wrecking ball as its red and green..
    drop tooth and nail is really expensive..
    drop isochron as you dont have much to use with it
    drop taste for mayhem as its red
    drop nim lasher as you dont use many artifacts
    drop irradiate as you dont use many artifacts and 3B for a -1-1 is bad
    drop lyzolda the blood witch as you need red to cast, and the deck is mainly green black.
    newer players should play either monocolor or 2 color at most. Trying for a 3 color deck is the last thing you should be doing as its more difficult for any player to make a 3 color solid.

    i disagree with the mana base. In my experience you can run 4 signets and 16 lands.. so a deck that runs 2 signets, a mana elf, 1 land fetch and 20 lands is plenty.

    if you have any black creatures other than slithering shade i'd recommend them. Even if its a 1/1 flier for 2B. If you run creatures with B: in their cost that you intend to use in multiples, those mainly belong in a monocolor deck.

    after that the deck should run much smoother. see if your friends can give you 4 of the black/green signet.. or more spells that kill creatures, no matter how bad, as they will help your deck tremendously.

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