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  1. SadistAngel New Member

    Ok first off no laughing..this is my very first deck and I really have no theme to it..I just put some cards together...What i would appreciate is any ideas on improving this deck with additions get the picture :)

    Knight of Dusk
    Skittering Horror
    Chime of Night
    Phrexian Defiler
    Scathe Zombies
    Dark Ritual
    Disease Carriers
    Slinking Skirge x2
    Twisted Experiment

    Fledgling Osprey
    Drake Hatchling
    Rishadan Airship
    Methran Soldier
    Spire owl
    Mind Games x2
    Rootwater Diver
    Wind Spirit
    Phantom Monster
    Winged Sliver
    Soul Barrier
    Zephyr Falcon
    Arcane Denial
    Shoving Match
    Giant Albatross
    Sneaky Homunculus
    Coral Merfolk
    Coral Eel
    Glowing Anemone
    Wall of Tears

    Any input will be appreciated :)
  2. nanokill Veteran CPA Member<BR><FONT co

    how about adding so lands:D

    any way if you go black a good bet would be avatar of woe, ascendant evincar, black knight, priest of gix, unholy stength, ect......

    to build up a deck or give real suggestions i wold need more informaton from you.
  3. SadistAngel New Member

    :p well of course there are lands too!! Im confused as to what "information" you need from me...
  4. krichaiushii New Member

    Unless building specifically for a highlander (only one of any card allowed) game, the following tenets apply to deckmaking:

    1. Multiple copies of fewer cards lend to greater chances of drawing what you want when you want it. Reliability can be a good thing.

    2. Slivers are only good in large quantities.

    3. Watch your mana curve (yours doesn't look too bad, actually). By this, I mean have a good spread of casting costs (cc) -- for example, 10 1cc, 8 2cc, 6 3cc, 2 4+cc. This allows you to have a good chance to play what is in your hand.

    4. Ask yourself why each card is there, and if it can be replaced by something better or more versatile. Using Arcane Denial(AD) for example, are other counterspells a better choice? AD lets your opponent draw cards, which is generally bad for you (as your opponent then has more opportunity to draw his winning card). Your deck currently has enough blue to support other counter magic that has UU in its casting cost. Counterspell is by far the best choice (I am sure that will spark some comments...), and as you already have one, I suspect you can get more.

    5. Card synergy is important. Aside from being a really cool word, synergy means (roughly) "works very well together, in numerous ways".

    You have Soul Barrier in your deck, so I will use that as an example. Soul Barrier forces your opponent to pay extra mana or life when casting a creature. Two ways to maximize this are to tie up his land, or continually put creatures in his hand, forcing your opponent to recast them. Black offers Rain of Tears and Despoil (among others), which both destroy land. Blue has Psychic Venom (2 damage whenever target land is tapped), as well as numerous ways to tap someone's land (Drain Power, Mana Short, etc.). Both of these methods tie up his land resources. Blue is also the king of bounce, Boomerang, Snap, Capsize, etc. all put creatures (and sometimes other permanents) back into hands.

    Once a card is in someone's hand, you can counter it (provided you've counter magic at the ready) with blue spells or force a discard through black spells. Supposing they get a creature out despite your best attempts to prevent it, black has more permanent creature removal, such as Expunge.

    Once you have removed your opponent's blockers (even if only through tapping them via Rhystic Deluge), hit with your creatures for the kill. Should your creatures force discard (Order of Yawgmoth) or a bounce effect, then so much the better. All of these cards playing off of each other are a form of synergy.

    6. Do not use mutually exclusive cards. If your deck packs a lot of land destruction, don't play with cards that give your opponent land, such as Veteran Explorer, Hired Giant, or Oath of Lieges. This only defeats itself.

    7. Use artifacts to supplement your deck. If you decide on discard as a primary method of disrupting your enemy, then consider Disrupting Sceptre (an example).

    That should be enough for now. Rethink your deck, and when you have a better idea of what you want, let us know, and we will happily help you with it.
  5. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Beats the hell out of my first deck!
    Okay, the secret is consolidation, I tried to narrow down the range of creatures and spells you used. Make it more consistent.

    2x Knight of Dusk
    4x Vendetta or Snuff Out
    4x Skittering Horror
    4x Dark Ritual (MUST HAVE!)
    4x Twisted Experiment
    4x Parallax Dementia
    4x Dauthi Slayer

    2x Rishadan Airship
    4x Methran Soldier
    2x Flood
    2x Mind Games
    4x Arcane Denial
    2x Soothsaying

    10 Swamps
    7 Islands
    3 Faerie Conclave

    More control/damage oriented, less long-term stuff. This deck should be able to own the game fairly quick. Deal as much damage as you can and keep their threats off the table. Good luck!
  6. rakso New Member

    You picked Arcane Denial over Counterspell for this particular deck? No reason to give the guy free draws...
  7. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    I had reason. Mana split tends to leave counterspell high and dry. I chose a 1U cc counter. I picked counterspell over mana leak, and that was only because he said he had at least one.

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