muti color type 2

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  1. This deck is just for fun, Its fun to play,but it wont see any tournament action to weak for that. Anyways any ideas on making it better are welcome.

    4-birds of paridise
    1-quirion trailblazer
    2-elfhame sanctuary

    2-fact or fiction
    1-alexi,zephyr mage

    1-drake-skull cameo
    1-treva's attendant
    1-crosis's attendant
    1-rith's attendant
    2-chimeric idol

    1-frezied tilling
    1-stalking assassin
    1-captain sisay
    1-dromar,the banisher
    1-crosis,the purger
    1-rith,the awakener

    1-latulla,keldon overseer
    1-twilights call

    1-sulfer vent
    1-ancient spring
    1-tinder farm
  2. krichaiushii New Member

    Nomadic Elf.

    That is great for these multicolor decks (especially in drafts!) Anyhow, I recommend going heavier green, IOT take advantage of all the green mana-fetching/converting abilities.

    Veteran Explorer from Mirage block might be considered. Just get it killed early, so you can pull the two basic lands out of your library. Unfortunately, your opponents get to do the same...

    While this won't put you at tournament level, it should go a long way towards smoothing out that mana curve.

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