Multiplayer R/B: Governmental Policies

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    Someone in another post made a comment about the fun of Obliterate with Subversion (two governmental policies, though not US government! ;)). It set me thinking...

    Red 16
    4x Obliterate
    4x Seal of Fire
    4x Mogg Fanatic
    2x Goblin Bombardment
    1x Wheel of Fortune

    Black 25
    4x Subversion
    4x Dark Ritual
    4x Ashen Ghoul
    4x Nether Shadow
    4x Lurking Jackals
    2x Forsaken Wastes
    1x Demonic Tutor
    1x Necropotence
    1x Deathgrip (supersecret anti-Tranquility tech!)

    Land 20
    10x Swamps
    6x Mountains
    2x The Red Hickory Woodlot (the name escapes me)
    2x The Black Hickory Woodlot (ditto)

    The Mogg Fanatic is probably a poor choice, but I don't know anymore usable red enchantments (there are good ones out there, but not really for this deck).

    Use the Dark Rituals and the sac lands to recover (or just cast) from your Obliterates.

    Most of the cards are enchantments (Lurking Jackals), but the majority of the creatures come back during your upkeep, hence Goblin Bombardment.

    No time left to test it, unfortunately, but I have about a day left to read commentary.


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