Multiplayer forgotten in todays PC games?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Nightstalkers, Feb 15, 2004.

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    Good god its been ages since I posted on these forums and its almost arcaic compared to the Ninc. mainframe here. I'll make my general gripe short and simple, multiplayer is almost dead.

    When I looked at the new relase of Halo for the PC, I almost gagged at the fact that they had removed the co-operative mode completely. "What in the hell were they thinking?" I asked myself aloud, ushering away many people from my presence. Yes I was worried at that point when the manager of the store asked me to kindly "leave the store immediately" but you see how it pained me so to find that one game that I had been waiting forward to had been stripped of an option that not only would have boosted their sales, but would also have made the game more interesting and replayable.
    You may think that I'm just another complainer and tell me to "cool down" or to "stop whining," but see here now, I work for this corporation and put in some honest to goodness work. Now I've been given the opportunity to not only buy a game on the companies expense for myself, but for the entire staff to release their tensions on, I find that my efforts are in vain.
    Enough about me, now onto the games. After many hours of searching I found that only a few games out there had the option for co-op, and to my surprise none of the stores in this area, or the exceeding area around here (250 miles or so) even heard of the programs I had on the list. This enfuriated me further just for the fact that I did not want to supply Ninc. with just another mindless game (last game was Unreal Tournament...) but something in which we could have at least some form of enjoyment that mimiced that of our last company game. (Unreal Tournament...)

    Thats my two cents in from the sulfurous death pits of Nightstalkers Inc.

    Ranoni Wrae Clarks

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  2. train The Wildcard!!!...

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    What is this?! I enjoyed UT very much! And stop being such a jerk about this sort of stuff Ex. I haven't heard from you for so long that I though you had died or something and now your bring this slander up about my beloved UT.

    I should find out where you are now and slap you silly for this!

    Nightstalker Habuki
  4. DeathMaster666 In Defiance of Existance

    They don't have Co-Op for PC Halo? Why the hell not?
  5. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    If you're talking about co-op of two people at the same computer, that's not easy unless you've got a guy on a game pad and guy on the keyboard and mouse.

    If you're talking about people on a network or on The Internet then I don't know why they wouldn't have included it.
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    I checked it out and its true, Halo for PC does not have Co-Op!

    No man, I'm talking about Co-Op... any kind! Serious Sam had that same console co-op stuff and the network thing, but at least it was co-op!


    Nightstalker Habuki

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