multiplayer B/U: Unearthed Arcana

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    This promises to be a busy day, as I've a handful of decks to post. This particular deck started as cards that are fun to Unearth. It played better than anticipated, so here it is for your critiquing pleasure.

    Unearthed Arcana:

    4 Phyrexian Denouncer
    3 Phyrexian Broodlings
    3 Bone Shredder
    3 Revenant
    1 Spike Cannibal
    1 Coffin Queen
    3 Man O'War
    3 Noble Benefactor
    2 Raven Familiar
    1 Thalakos Scout

    4 Unearth
    2 Reanimate
    2 Befoul
    1 Living Death
    1 Victimize
    1 Attrition
    1 Ghoul's Feast
    3 Frantic Search
    2 Ray of Command
    1 Forbid

    1 Crooked Scales

    14 Swamp
    9 Island

    I am aware that Frantic Search is restricted and/or banned in some formats, but considering this deck's contents and that it is intended for multiplayer games balances any "power" inherent in the card. As for the single copies of certain cards, those are intended as fun throw-ins until something better comes along.

    The strategy is fairly simple: make the Broodlings and the Revenants really big and attack.

    Opinions always welcome. Thanks.

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