Multi-Player original game, Godzilla!!!

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    Please check out for complete rules.

    The basis of this format is a deck size of 100, 20 phat (4/4 power/toughness or larger) creatures. No more, no less. What else you put in is up to you. We usually have around 30 people show up so we have about 5 pod's of 6 players. There is a specific banned and restricted list (just a side note, it is in a local store so if you like to play with 4 wraths of god, sorry only 1 since this format is not a stall game, but aggressive and fun. No armaggedon's either for the same reason; in fact before banning and restricting about 4 years ago we did actually end up playing til 5:40am in the morning.) this list is extremely important and makes the format fun.

    IF you have any comments or deck suggestions let me know at . Let me know what you think. By the way if you read this far a little more info, this month is going to be zilla teams, do you think a combo and counter deck would win?

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