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    Just viewing a thread or two with a game pretty much shows it all, but the post displays the game state as you take your turn. Obviously it's all on the honor system since we can't see each other drawing cards and stuff, but we've all been around for a long time so we all trust each other :)
  2. Ivank New Member

    MTG Wishlist has been improved, check the new features:

    -Live card prices with your cards
    -Import / export to share/backup your wishlist
    -Export to Magic Workstation format
    -The app is lighter

    See the MTG Wishlist full description in the Official Chrome Webstore site.

    Suggestions are welcome!
  3. Ivank New Member

    The new version of MTG Wishlist includes live prices from TCG Player (low, avg and highest price form the stores included in tcgplayer). You can also checkout in tcgplayer your wishlist.

    It also has now card images depending on the selected expansion set, keyboard shortcuts and more.

    Check MTG Wishlist and full description here. It's absolutely free.

    What do you think about new features?

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