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  1. Ivank New Member

    Hi all!

    I would like to share with you this app that I've developed: MTG Finder.

    MTG Finder is a chrome extension to find cards at the magiccards.info (in several languages), wizards.com (only in english) or apathy house (only in english too) without opening additional new tabs or windows, only highlighting a word in the browser and clicking the MTG Finder icon or right-clicking.

    It's light, easy and useful to see legality, prices, corrected text, links to ebay and more!

    It can be installed for free from the official Chrome Webstore website

    I accept suggestions to improve it. Feedbacks on the Chrome website are welcome! :D
  2. Ivank New Member

    MTG Finder has been improved, check the brand new features:

    -Blackborder.com search. With card prices, comparison, image and more.
    -Gatherer search. All official magic database with corrected text, artist and much more with only one click.
    -Custom keyboard shortcuts.

    See the MTG Finder full description in the Official Chrome Webstore site.

    I hope that it can be useful to you ;)

    Suggestions are welcome! :D
  3. Ivank New Member

    MTG Finder now searches into Magic Card Market too, the most famous trade site in Europe. It have been also translated to Spanish, Italian and German.

    Give it a try and leave us your suggestions and improvements!

    You can now follow us also on Google+

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