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    Not a very creative title, is it? Let’s see. Multiplayer chaos games. Classic card pool, though ‘tis unlikely to see many of the “power” cards - certainly not in this deck!

    MP G/W artifact games (76)

    Artifact (14)
    4x Copper Tablet
    4x Ankh of Mishra
    2x Razor Pendulum
    2x Armageddon Clock
    1x Naked Singularity
    1x Sol Ring

    White (20)
    4x Armageddon
    4x Martyrs of Korlis
    4x Soul Warden
    3x Wall of Glare (the block any amount of creatures one)
    2x Wall of Swords
    2x Rhystic Circle
    1x Enlightened Tutor

    Green (18)
    4x Llanowar Elf
    4x Skyshroud Elf
    4x Spore Frog
    2x Titania’s Song
    2x Ritual of Subdual
    1x Essence Filter (Ice Age’s Tranquility that doesn’t affect white!)
    1x Seeds of Innocence

    Land (24)
    12x Forest
    12x Plains

    Basically, I strive to deny opponents mana, either through Armageddon, Ritual of Subdual, and/or Naked Singularity while killing with artifacts.

    Titania’s Song animates my artifacts for a creature rush. If my opponents have no land, they cannot pay the Rhystic Circle’s fee, allowing me to escape damage of any sort from any source. At least that’s how I read it. The Walls and Spore Frogs are just to stall until upkeep-death overtakes opponents. Essence Filter is taken over Tranquility on the off chance that enchantments need removal – nonwhite enchantments.

    I’ve tried to avoid some “standard” cards in an effort to be both creative and subtle. If my opponents don’t see it coming, then I should be able to pull off one or two of my tricks. Then again, it could be that I am only foolish. Oh for a game to test this in! Regardless, this deck might need trimming.

    Red kills me dead. Especially Red’s trademark mass artifact destruction. Such is life, I guess… A fast creature rush might, as well. Ideally, I just lay low and am avoided until its far too late… and blue countermagic. But who plays heavy countermagic in chaos games?!

    Enjoy. Or not.

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