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Discussion in 'Home Made Cards' started by Ephrils, May 22, 2001.

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    Stupid board, why doesn't it save what you have in the text box if you Back after not having a subject line? Anyway, here's some card ideas:

    Paradox Box
    Legendary Artifact
    When Paradox Box comes into play, each player returns a permanent of each type to their hands. During each player's upkeep, each player returns a permanent of each typ to their hands as well as one additional permanent of each type for each successive turn Paradox Box is in play. when there are no permanents in play except for Paradox Box, sacrifice it.
    "This mythical artifact is said to make time run backwards, but, given the nature of it, it has never been discovered or recorded as actually existing." ---Teferi


    Goblin Explosives Expert
    When Goblin Explosives Expert blocks or is blocked, it deals damage to itself equal to it's toughness and 2 damage to the creature that blocked r was blocked by Goblin Explosives Expert.
    Goblin Explosives Expert cannot be regenerated.
    R: Goblin Explosives Expert deals to itself damage equal to it's toughness and 2 damage to target creature.
    "Don't show him where the matches are until the battle starts." ---Hilkhler, Goblin Marshal



    Shifting Amulet
    Creatures with Fading lose it and any Fading counters on those creatures remain but are not gained or lost. Creatures without Fading gain Fading with Fading counters equal to their casting cost.

    A Chaosphere but for Fading. I'm thinking of making a variant for permanents in general too.


    Planeswalker's Ring
    Enchant Creature
    Target creature loses Fading. Any Fading counters on target creature are not gained or lost as long as Planeswalker's Ring enchants it.

    Have fun :p

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