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  1. DÛke Memento Mori


    To start out...I have to make this official statement:

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    I figured I'd plug in the best entertainment options I've experienced...music and all. I've been collecting this list for a while now...so everything in it is truly experienced.

    .::Video Games::.

    Dead or Alive 3 -- You may not want to buy this thing unless you constantly have another person to play it with. Playing against another player, Dead or Alive 3 promises to be the most revolutionized fighting games you can handle. Realistic environments created via the XBox monstrous hard drive, coupled with an amazing character models all add up to create an atmosphere so realistic, yet rich with much fantasy. Possibly one of the most beautiful looking games, ever. Playing it by yourself gets old quickly, but the 2 (or 3 or 4) player mode is more than infectious. The easy to learn button layout and simple moves somehow do not take away from the game play, as a matter of fact, it only makes you focus on the strategy of the game rather than how to trigger a havoc upon your opponent. Speaking of havoc...eventually, everyone will learn how to time every hit to the mili-second, to the point that you will actually feel as if you are the fighter. And, actually, you will get to unleash hell upon your opponent. Too much fun to be missed out...

    Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams -- The PS2 is lucky to have this title, as it is one of the more interesting ones. However, the XBox version contains slightly enhanced graphics, extra weapons and options, and a mini sub-game. Silent Hill does not abuse the XBox hard-drive at all: the graphics look very PS2-like, which doesn't do the game or the system much justice. The reason this game is on the list is because the storyline alone is very engaging, with moments full of impact and emotion. The suspense just grows on you: you'd find yourself playing this game only to find out more...which in return, leaves you in more suspense. Like every other game in this genre (Resident Evil, Dino Crisis), the game play sometimes get repetitive and notably exhausting...but fear not, there are a couple of puzzles which should serve as very nice mind-pleasers. Unlike the completely flawless Dead or Alive 3, Silent Hill has a couple of flaws: some jaggy moments (due to the PS2 importing), and very few bad camera angels. Other than that, the game is a must-experience.

    I would recommend Halo, but chances that you own an XBox and haven't played this game are as good as zero.

    Games to stay away from -- Spiderman: The Movie Game. Probably one of the most linear and shallow games you can ever experience on one of the new generation systems. The graphics look very much late-Dreamcast, which is an insult considering that an XBox, a PS2, or a GameCube can do much, much better. The game is strictly for hard, hard, hardcore Spidey fans. Stay away unless you have the comics and/or have a Spider-Man shirt. Obey, worship, and defiantly play this game if you have Spiderman-Man underwear...

    Games that will change the way we think about games, and set new standards for games to come: Elder's Scroll III: Marrowind, already out for the PC, and should see release on the XBox very, very shortly. This RPG makes the Final Fantasy games look like some mini-games for an Atari. Naturally, then, this RPG will revolutionize game play. The game play is so deep, that it might disengage some players. Others who live it out will be able to cast and combine more than 1 million spells (trust me, WAY over 1 million), create thousands of different characters with thousands of different attributes. The game play exceeds 500 hours. What else do you need? What Diablo?


    Schiller -- Imagine the music of Enigma. Imagine any dance song. Imagine any rhythm that burns into your mind. Imagine motion, and emotion. Imagine faithfulness and honesty. Imagine ecstasy, purity, and erotica. Combine all those, spice up with beautiful lyrics and extra sexy vocals...and you will end up with one of the most inspiring German groups. The worst thing about them is that you will *not* find their albums in the United States. You gotta look hard. Real hard. If you're lucky (and I mean *lucky*), you might find one or two of their albums. Some of the lyrics and vocals are German, but trust me, Schiller - like Enigma - proves that music is a universal language. Download their Dream of You...the smile it *will* put on your face is just a minor experience of how much joy and euphoria Schiller can inflict upon you. You own it to yourself to collect all the Schiller albums, no matter what type of music you like and no matter where you're from. :D

    BT -- Being an amazing person with an amazing soul is just the icing. BT's music offers too much. He's no Enigma. He's no Delerium. He's no Schiller. BT is just that...BT. His style of music ranges all across the genres, with a very modern touch. Modern...yeah; sometimes even extra futuristic. His ability to create whatever he feels like is inspiring. Each of his albums contains no common theme, but a mixture of styles and opportunities: BT, to many, has become a pioneer of a new generation of music. Download his song, Dreaming. Of course, being so versatile, Dreaming does not reflect his style...but it may prove and justify his seemingly limitless capabilities. If you're lucky, you may find BT's albums on your local Best Buy or Wal-Mart...but I wouldn't count it, as BT is from Europe.

    Phobos -- I was not going to include Phobos here. They just can't compare with the previously listed Schiller. Phobos, once again, is a band focused on providing a universally likeable music. Meditative, ethnic, entrancing, and provocative are few definitions of Phobos. The experience is beautifully entrancing but with a subtle edge of excitement. Much less harsh than Schiller's extra infectious beats and lyrics, and more comprehensible than Enigma...Phobos can stand out on its own. Download their Return to the Point of Origin…or if you’re in an unusual mood of sexual-tension, I suggest their Soul of Desire.


    And…I’ll be recommending one book: Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad. The book is probably one of the hardest pieces of English literature out there. Heart of Darkness is about human nature. A book so provocative that it just may give you that extra insightfulness you’ve been looking for. It is very hard to read, completely full of metaphorical ideas and themes, and you may not even “get it.” The book will start comprehensibly, but will gradually build up into an enigma…and will begin not making much sense. It requires extra focus and attention…but it should be a rewarding experience.


    I have many more suggestions...I'm out of time, and plus...I gotta leave some more good stuff for the next time around. :)
  2. Aku Necromancer Headlights off

    I cant recall ever experiencing any of those entertainment pieces except for Silent Hill 2, and I remember not being impressed with it that much, meh…, I'm not much of a video game specialist as I used to be so my opinion is pointless.

    I'm defiantly gonna check into Heart of Darkness, I've been looking for a new book to read.
  3. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    Heart of Darkness is almost a more sophisticated version of Lord of the Flies, so if you liked LotF and want something darker, you should get it in Heart of Darkness.

    Ummm... Can we plug stuff too?
  4. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...all you want! :)
  5. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    That Morrowind game rocks the rather large barn except that the PC version has a few bugs and they tried to make it a bit too hacker-secure (Safedisk2 constantly checks to see if you have the CD in the drive, and if it runs a bad test and thinks you don't, then you get a random crash to desktop error).

    Oh well, I'm just happy because my cheapo GeForce2 MX gets the same frame rates as a $400 GeForce 4 Ti4600. Hopefully the extra time they're spending on the XBox version is being spent de-bugging it.
  6. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    Except the Xbox version isn't going to ship with an editor, so you can't customize the game. That's a good portion of the fun about Morrowind, that you can do absolutely anything you want with it.

    Besides being utterly huge in size and complexity, Morrowind has that unique feature of coming with the same editor that the developers used to create the game. Thus, if you really wanted to, and had a lot of free time to work on it, you could create your very own, equally complex rpg. At any rate, this feature allows for you to implant into the game anything that you feel is missing.
    The possibilities are truly endless.

    I have already made several custom items for my character Tzyver, whose ultimate goal in the game is to wipe all life clean off of the island of Vvardenfell. He can fly. :)
  7. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...although an editor would be cool, I wouldn't really have that much time to actually be creative and create my own spells and characters. :)

    My brother pre-ordered the XBox version, so we should be getting it this Thursday, which also happens to be my last day of college.

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