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  1. Killerbob Official CPA European Guy

    Like Thallid Ice Cream Man (see below) , I´ve spend some time making hound-theme decks the past week. One is mono-red, and one is g/b.

    deck 1 (has a name, but I´m not sure if I could type it without breaking some rule...)

    4 wild dogs
    4 wild mongrel
    4 vampire hounds
    4 dauthi jackal
    2 gibbering hyenas (should be mongrel pack when I get them, I think)
    3 oath of ghouls
    2 phyrexian furnace
    4 rancor
    4 natures resurgence
    2 living death
    2 creeping mold
    4 mulch
    4 bayou
    4 llanowar wastes
    7 forest
    6 swamp

    The idea is to use wild mongrel, vampire hounds and mulch to get creatures on graveyard, then oath them back, or play natures resurgence to draw lots of cards, which again can be discarded, and then draw lots of card again, or play living death. Funny when it works. But I think it could be stronger. Maybe altar of dementia to use on my own library? Oath and death are not good together, but are very good each. Do anyone have ideas?

    2.deck is suicide red, based around blood hound. Actually this can be very good! Just imagine turn 3 blood hound-turn 4 lava hounds, or doubble flame rift! Fun and easy to make/play.

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