Mono Black

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  1. Landkiller CPA Menace

    This is my Black Deck.
    This was one of my two first "decent" decks.

    4 x Infernal Tribute
    2 x Strands of Night
    4 x Sengir Vampire
    4 x Dark Ritual
    4 x Bone Shredder
    4 x Drain Life
    4 x Funeral Charm
    4 x Hypnotic Specter
    4 x Hymn to Tourach
    1 x Purraj of Urborg
    1 x Demonic Tutor
    2 x Tortured Existence
    1 x Sol Ring
    1 x Royal Assassin

    4 x Ebon Stronghold
    15 x Swamp
    1 x Lake of the Dead

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