Mono black / kormus bell

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  1. Madbutcher New Member

    Well.. this is somthing i put together in 10 min last night:)

    Land 21

    21 Swamp

    Creature's 13

    4 Nightmare
    1 Skeletal Vampire
    2 Hollow Specter
    4 Nantuko Shade
    1 Graveborn Muse
    1 Ascendant Evincar

    Sorcery's 11

    4 Corrupt
    3 Innocent Blood
    2 Hymn to tourach
    2 Duress

    Instant's 6

    2 Moonlight Bargain (Stil don't know if i like this card or not?)
    4 Dark Ritual

    Enchantment's 4

    4 Bad Moon

    Artifack's 4

    4 Kormus Bell

    So.. eanyone want's to come up with somthing that can make this a better deck?

    Come on and tell me
  2. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    Is 21 swamps enough? I'd think that with cards like Nightmare, Nantuko Shade and Corrupt you'd want at least 23 and perhaps even add Cabal Coffers..
    If your using Kormus Bell, i'd think you should be prepared that some Swamps are going to 'kick the bucket'..

    I'd drop a Bell and two Nightmares (which are only really great late-game) for three Swamps, but other than that the deck looks okay.
  3. Madbutcher New Member

    well.. maby :)

    if take out Moonlight Bargain .. i think i like the card.. but... hehe:)
  4. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    Moonlight Bargain is great, but is of more use in a Reanimation deck where you want to get certain cards in your graveyard.

    And your deck already is bit 'topheavy', so dropping a five-mana card is not such a bad idea..
  5. jorael Craptacular!

    Kormus Bell YES! That card is worth style points (or nostalgia points, should I say).

    How about doing more with all those tokens? Sengir Autocrat might be an interesting addition. Card like Fallen Angel and Attrition might become interesting (maybe Hecatomb?). Ascendant Evincar seems fitting. I'd add one more :)

    Wayfarer's Bauble/Twisted Abomination/Journeyer's Kite would help to make sure you get enough lands into play. I really like the Bauble: it thins your deck, accelates your mana and makes cards like Corrupt and Nightmare more potent.
  6. Killerbob Official CPA European Guy

    Phyrexian ghoul/Nantuko husk are nice with kormus bell. Maybe add Gravepact to annoy opponents.

    Infernal tribute would help getting rid of the Bell if it turns out to be a problem. Throw in some Sarcomancys to feed Infernal Tribute.

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