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    After a disappointing nationals (I went 5-7) I decided to try my luck in the sunday PTQ, since I really believed I had a good deck. Here's the 75 I had sleeved up:

    Naya/Jund Cascading Awesomeness

    4x Putrid Leech
    4x Kitchen Finks
    4x Bloodbraid Elf
    3x Chameleon Colossus
    2x Baneslayer Angel
    4x Enlisted Wurm

    2x Volcanic Fallout
    2x Jund Charm
    2x Naya Charm
    4x Maelstrom Pulse
    4x Bituminous Blast

    4x Twilight Mire
    1x Fire-Lit Thicket
    1x Graven Cairns
    2x Wooded Bastion
    4x Reflecting Pool
    1x Exotic Orchard
    4x Vivid Crag
    4x Vivid Grove
    1x Swamp
    1x Forest
    1x Plains
    1x Mountain

    4x Great Sable Stag
    4x Anathemancer
    2x Hallowed Burial
    2x Thought Hemorrhage
    2x Volcanic Fallout
    1x Pithing Needle

    The plan of the deck is pretty obvious. I play some removal and other cards to slow down the game, then overwhelm my opponents by playing awesome cascade spells and other fatties. I don't really remember all my plays, but most of the games were fairly straightforward.

    Round 1: 5 Color Control
    Game one I had to mulligan down to six cards and kept a fairly slow hand with some removal and a Finks. The Finks got ambushed by a Plumeveil and it all went downhill from there. My crucial spells didn't resolved, and I quickly lost to Cruel into Cruel.
    In came the Stags and the 'Mancers, and I opened with a turn 3 Stag straight away. It was quickly joined by a copy of the awesome 3/3 monstrosity. He killed one with a Path to Exile, but the turn after I hit him down to 8, then resolved an Anathemancer to get him down to 3. He tried to make a Broodmate Dragon, but I untapped and Thought Hemorrhaged for his Ultimatums, and I guess he had one, since he conceded without showing his hand.
    The final game he kept a sketchy hand, and never got past one vivid land and 3 filterlands, so I could pump both my Leeches without fear of removal. He was dead before he got a fifth land.

    1-0 (2-1)

    Round 2: 5 Color Cascade
    I was sitting down against a player who I recognized as a legacy player, so I had no clue what he'd be playing. It became pretty obvious when he played turn two Sygg, River Cutthroat into turn three Sign in Blood. The only way 5 Color Cascade can beat me is if they have plenty of Cryptics and multiple Anathemancers. I played the control role with double Finks while he cascaded away two Cryptics with a Bloodbraid Elf. I took the opportunity to resolve a Colossus, which he bounced at the end of my turn, then countered with his fourth Cryptic when I tried to replay it. It didn't matter though, I got through some damage with Putrid Leeches, then waited till he tapped out so he could not play removal, then tapped down his men with Naya Charm and finished him off.
    Game two was a lot easier. I resolved a Thought Hemorrhage to take out his Anathemancers, then cascaded into Colossus twice with an Enlisted Wurm. His guys weren't nearly as fat, and I easily beat him.

    2-0 (4-1)

    Round 3: BR Blightning Aggro
    He opened with a Figure, pumped it to 4/4 as quick as he could, while I tried to race him with a Bloodbraid, having a Finks to chump his Figure. He played turn four Blightning, so I discarded some irrelevant expensive spells, then raced his Demigod with a second Bloodbraid. When I was at 7 and pretty much had to kill him, I figured my best option was to play a third Elf, hoping to cascade into Maelstrom Pulse to remove his figure. As it turned out, I got a Naya Charm, and since he was tapped out, tapping his guys worked just as well.
    Game two was less exciting. He had a slow start and had to use his Deathmarks on my Putrid Leeches. I Hemorrhaged his Anathemancers, then played a Baneslayer Angel, which went all the way.

    3-0 (6-1)

    Round 4: BG Elf Rock
    I won the dieroll, but my Putrid Leech was quickly outclassed by multiple Finks, enhanced by a Wilt-Leaf Liege. Bituminous blast killed it, but cascaded into another Leech, while he played a Colossus, which I couldn't block. He attacked me down to 6 with the Colossus, then burned me out with Profane Command.
    Game two he overextended his hand, and I played Hallowed Burial when he had two cards in hand, against my 4, including double Enlisted Wurm. His five-mana Vanquisher was no match for my Wurm into Bloodbraid Elf into Maelstrom Pulse though.
    The final game he used his Deathmarks to kill my Leeches, So my Baneslayer Angel went all the way. Even though he killed it three times, the second Angel and two Naya Charms ensured I always had one on the board.

    4-0 (8-2)

    At this point there were three people at 4-0 (me, a 5 Color Control list and a Time Sieve combo deck). I was paired against Time Sieve, and we quickly decided to ID. We played a few games for fun though, and noticed that my Jund Charm could remove his graveyard in response to an Open the Vaults, and Thought Hemorrhage for Tezzeret would leave him without win conditions, while him taking 5 or 6 consequtive turns would be enough to win as well.
    After this, I got paired against the Belgian national champion, who was at 4-1 and accepted my ID as well. Apperently he was playing a list very similar to mine, but I was hungry and decided to get some food, rather than playing a few games.

    Final record in swiss: 4-0-2 (8-2), 4th place.

    Even though I was happy I made Top 8, my excitement faded when I noticed I had to play against Time Sieve straight away. In game one he decided to play into my Jund Charm, hoping I didn't have one. I debated waiting for his Open the Vault to use it (yes, I had it ^^), but was afraid he might be running maindeck Negate, so I used it at the end of his first turn. He then proceeded to play Time Warp and Howling Mine and in his next turn he got a second Time Sieve online with a few borderpost, taking turns until he could kill me with Tezzeret. I was quite disappointed, even though I had very little chance game 1 (and even mulled down to 5 just to get a hand with some pressure and a Charm, which I figured was my only chance of winning) I played around a card he probably didn't even have, and it turned out it cost me the game.
    Game two I had an aggressive start, and he didn't have any Howling Mines / Jaces to get his carddrawing online. By the time he was able to take multiple turns he was just topdecking, and didn't draw enough gas to keep on going, so I managed to kill him in time.
    The final game was very interesting. I had an early Leech, and played a Bloodbraid which hit a useless Naya Charm (which I had kept in to tap down his team if he went for Tezzy's ultimate, as well as being able to regrow a used Jund Charm). After that I kept open my mana, and he was afraid to play spells because that would open him up for Thought Hemorrhage. I got him down to 6 before he started to Fog. At that time I already had two Volcanic Fallouts, and when I got a third, I was able to burn him out.

    A friend of me informed me that my opponent was playing monoG Aggro-Elves with Archdruids and Overrun. He started out with Bramblewood Paragon into Nettle Sentinel. A pair of Archdruids got Maelstrom Pulsed, but his Sentinels got in for a lot of damage. When he played end of turn Gilt-Leaf Ambush (yes, that's a real card ;)) and clashed into Overrun, I could pack it up.
    Game two I started with a Putrid Leech, while he opened with Llanowar Elf into Imperious Perfect. I could Fallout his board while swinging in for 4. He played just a pair of Nettle Sentinels, while I attacked, dropped him down to 10, and passed. He attack me for 4, but didn't play anything, so I just played Naya Charm to get back my Fallout. Putrid Leech hit him for 4, and when all he had was a Gilt-Leaf Ambush to untap his Sentinels, my Fallout + Leech did the final 6 damage.
    Again I was headed for a deciding game. He played Vanquisher showing Vanquisher, attack for three and played a his second, revealing a Third. I Maelstrom Pulsed, and played Bloodbraid into Finks when all he could do was play his last Vanquisher. He was stuck at three lands, and I could quickly overrun him with Bituminous Blast into Colossus. He revealed he had three Lieges left in his hand, but was lacking the mana to cast them.

    My opponent played Kithkin, which should be a good matchup, but he had just beaten my friend who was playing 5 Color Control as well, who told me that he played Ranger of Eos with Forge-Tenders maindeck, which would be annoying.
    I was able to hold off his early pressure with a Finks, which he Pathed, then a Colossus. I drew a lot of lands though, so when he played Spectral Possession, all I could do was attack for 16 and hope for a removal spell next turn. When he attacked me back and played an Honor of the Pure, the top of my deck only gave me more land, so he could just Path my Colossus, and then play Cloudgoat on his turn.
    Game two he went Figure into Stalwart, but then was greedy and tried to make his Figure a 4/4, but I was ready with a Jund Charm. Things were looking good, we traded cards back and forth, ending in the following situation: his board was a Ranger of Eos, two Wizened Cenn and an Honor of the Pure. He had two cards in hand, a Figure and Stalwart, which he had just tutored up with his Ranger and just four lands. We were both at 4 life, but I had a Pithing Needle for his Windbrisk Heights and a Baneslayer Angel. I figured that when he attacked I could simply block one of his guys, go up to 9, then take 8 damage, falling down to one, then kill him with the Angel. He untapped, drew, then attacked with his team, and there's where I punted. I put my Angel in front of his Ranger, for some reason thinking it had 5 power. He then revealed what he had drawn, a Rustic Clachan, and killed him. If I had blocked a Cenn, the first strike damage would have made the other Cenn 3/3, so even with a Clachan I would have gone down to 1, instead of 0.

    I was pretty disappointed at this point, but even so, the deck performed very well for me throughout the day, and even though I didn't won the slot, I got very close, and might not even have won the last game if it had gotten to that.
    So yeah, there's my story, I think I'll go and try again next week, as I believe the deck has a lot of potential.
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Cool! Have you been busy? You haven't been on in a while...
  3. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Congrats on the second place! I was shocked that you lost to Kithkin at the end (I agree that it should be an advantage for you). Did he play the deck in a different way than anticipated? Who went first? Did you steal his lunch money afterwards?

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  4. Shabbaman insert avatar here

    Pretty close to the PT, pity! Did you win anything?
  5. Modus Pwnens Eligible for User Title

    Ever since I qualified for nationals (which was at the very first Qualifier) I pretty much stopped playing, since most important tournaments were qualifiers. I've also picked up rowing, which is currently keeping me busy for a couple of days/week, leaving very little time.

    And he didn't really play different, he did play Ranger of Eos main, along with Forge-Tenders, which made it slightly tougher, but my spells are just so much better than his, I figured I'd have to be favored. He won the roll, and he was a very good player too, he played around Fallout / Jund Charm as much as possible.

    Won 20 packs, but I would have preferred a blue envelope ;)
  6. Shabbaman insert avatar here

    20 packs is better than nothing, you could trade it for beer ;)

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