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    There we go again, last PTQ in the Netherlands for Austin.

    I made some minor modifications to my decklist, ending up with this:

    4x Putrid Leech
    4x Kitchen Finks
    3x Anathemancer
    3x Doran, the Siege Tower
    3x Flame Javelin
    4x Bloodbraid Elf
    4x Bituminous Blast
    3x Baneslayer Angel
    2x Shriekmaw
    3x Enlisted Wurm
    1x Enigma Sphinx

    4 vivid grove
    4 vivid crag
    2 vivid marsh
    1 vivid meadow
    4 reflecting pool
    1 exotic orchard
    4 twilight mire
    2 graven cairns
    1 wooded basion
    1 forest
    1 mountain
    1 swamp

    4x Volcanic Fallout
    3x Great Sable Stag
    2x Caldera Hellion
    1x Anathemancer
    3x Deathmark
    2x maelstrom pulse

    Round 1, UBr Faeries.
    We split games one and two when my opponent mulled to 5 the first game, and never got a third land, while I went down to 6 in the second, and didn't got a second red source for my fallouts, which enabled his Bitterblossom to race my Stag quite easily.
    The final game I had to mulligan down to four before I found a hand with more than one land (Vivid, Reflecting Pool, Baneslayer Angel, Putrid Leech, which is probably one of the best hands of four you can ask for). I got a Bloodbraid Elf, which cascaded into another Leech. He never reached his fourth landdrop, and multiple Fallout's got the job done. He drew three cards from a Jace, and was stuck with 3 Mistbind Clique and 3 Cryptic Command, guess I'm lucky he did not found that last land ;)

    1-0 (2-1)

    Round 2, 5 Color Control
    We got deckchecked this round, and while my opponents deck was all right, I was called to the judge, who informed me that my sleeves weren't all similar. Fortunately, I had just bought them from that very same judge that morning, and since he was unable to find a single card, and therefore a pattern, I was let off with a caution, although I had to unsleeve, shuffle, then resleeve at tht end of the round.
    I had watched my opponent play at the end of the previous round, so I knew what he was playing, so when I fanned open my hand and saw double Anathemancer, I knew I had a pretty good chance of taking game one.
    He indeed countered one, but was under constant pressure of a Doran, which left him with very little opportunities to play countermagic, meaning my Zombie's were able to kill him in short order.
    The second game wasn't very evenful. I provoked some action out of him, and when he tapped out for a Jace, I seized the opportunity to resolve a Baneslayer Angel. He had a Wall of Reverence to stop it, but I attacked, then had Doran and a Flame Javelin to take down the Wall. His Cruel Ultimatum wasn't enough to stop me from killing him.

    As soon as the match was over, I immediately started to desleeve my deck, since our deckcheck had taken about 15 minutes, so when my opponent gave me the matchslip, I quickly signed it and went on fixing my sleeves.

    2-0 (4-1)

    Round 3, 5 Color Control
    At the beginning of this round, my previous round opponent had noticed that the result slip from the previous round had been filled in incorrectly. My opponent from that round had filled in that he had won with 2-0, instead of the other way around. Unfortunately for me, the judge wouldn't fix this anymore, so instead of being 2-0, I was at a 1-1 record, and couldn't get any more losses:

    1-1 (4-1).
    This round was pretty easy, I applied some pressure with Leeches and Anathemancers. When he Crueled me, I sacced a 'Mancer, then on my turn unearthed it, pumped the Leech and killed him.
    The second game he put a Runed Halo down on Anathemancer, and obviously my next four cascades all hit an Anathemancer. Nevertheless, he drew nothing but lands, so eventually my Enigma Sphinx took him down.

    2-1 (6-1).

    Round 4, UBw Faeries.
    I don't remember too much from this match, other than that my opponent never had a Baneslayer, so my Doran went all the way pretty fast. The second game I had the triple Fallout draw, which is pretty much impossible to lose with against a Turn 2 Bitterblossom.

    3-1 (8-1)

    Round 5, BG Elf Rock.
    Game one was too easy after I went Wurm into Blast into Elf into Kitchen Finks. Game two was his, when I never cast a spell to his turn three Colossus, turn 4 Wilt-Leaf Liege, turn 5 pump + attack with Mutavault for the win.
    Game three was mine again, as I drew more removal then he had creatures, so my early Doran could keep on hitting.

    4-1 (10-2)

    Round 6, ID

    Top eight once more, but at this point we went to get some pancakes, which were actually very awesome ;)

    Quarterfinals, UBr Faeries.

    He won game one with an unchecked Bitterblossom and multiple Mistbinds, which I had no answers to. Game two was to my advantage, I could simply play a Stag when he had mana open, and something like a Bloodbraid Elf when he didn't. The final game saw him mulliganning to five, while I had Leech into Doran, good times =)

    Semifinals, Kithkin.
    Kithkin used to be pretty good, but that was before I moved the Fallouts and the Pulses to the board. He took game one when he had one too many Cloudgoat Ranger. My baneslayer couldn't hold them off, as he had too many men, and I was too low before I could stabilize.
    Game two he went Figure into Cenn, but missed his third landdrop. I took advantage of this by establishing a board presence with Kitchen Finks, then took control with a couple of Bituminous Blasts.
    Game three he was mana screwed again, and my Doran put him on a very fast clock.

    Finals, Merfolk.
    Merfolk is supposed to be a pretty good matchup, but without fallout it can be tough. I was winning game one, when he stabilized, and then chained 3 Cryptics to keep my guys tapped down, and swing in for the win.
    The second game I managed to Fallout four of his guys on my third turn (he went banneret, then the next turn banneret, adept, adept), after pumping my Leech so I could smash in for 4. I could easily manage his other creatures, and tied the match.
    The final game I believe he made a mistake. At six lands, he animated two mutavaults, and attacked with both, without any creatures on the board. I Bituminous Blasted one, cascaded into Doran, then ate the others. After that it was pretty trivial. I added dudes to the board, and when he had to start chaining cryptics to stay alive, it was quickly over.

    Total record over the day:
    7-1-1 (16-5) (really 8-0-1 though :))

    I FINALLY DID IT! Q'ed for Austin, so I'm coming to the States in October :)

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    Congrats, Modus!!! It's about time that you qualified! You should stop by the Northeast while you're in the States and visit some of us CPAer's. Spidey lives in Balitmore, I live in Cleveland and a number of the "lesser quality chaps" live in Pennsylvania.

    Of course, all of these are quite a ways from Texas, but you can hitchhike, right? :D

    Ransac, cpa trash man
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