MML Searing-Life Deck

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  1. Killer Joe Active Member

    MML stands for the Multiplayer Magic League, a Magic league where we play with 75 card decks.

    ARTIFACTS (11)
    1x Marble Diamond
    1x Fire Diamond
    1x Moss Diamond
    1x Dragon's Claw
    1x Wurm's Tooth
    1x Angel's Feather
    2x Pristine Talisman
    3x Chalice of Life

    1x Sylvan Library
    1x Abundance
    1x Choke
    3x Ghostly Prison
    2x Searing Meditation
    3x Powerstone Minefield
    1x Karma
    1x Kismet
    1x Ivory Mask
    1x Dueling Grounds

    SORCERIES (11)
    4x Hull Breach
    4x Wildfire
    3x Gaea's Blessing

    INSTANTS (8)
    3x Moment's Peace
    2x Pulse of the Fields
    3x Enlightened Tutor

    LANDS (30)
    1x Arid Mesa
    1x Woodland Foothills
    1x Windswept Heath
    1x Reflecting Pool
    1x Temple Garden
    3x Savannah
    2x Sacred Foundry
    2x Plateau
    2x Stomping Ground
    2x Taiga
    3x Forest
    3x Mountain
    4x Plains
    1x Forbidding Watchtower
    1x Maze of Ith
    1x Kor Haven
    1x Shivan Gorge

    The basic concept is for me to gain life in the early game long enough for me to set up a defense in the way of Ghostly Prison, Powerstone Minefield and Dueling Ground. I also use Wildfire to set players back in land count which they need to pay for Ghostly Prison and to get rid of medium to small creatures (4 points of damage). The kill method comes in the form of Chalice of Life (transforms to Chalice of Death) and Searing Meditation and with all the life gain cards I have makes for a good way to trigger Searing Meditation.

    This deck is S-L-O-W and only fares well in a long multiplayer game and if I can survive past the first few players and I have enough mana and protection the deck does very well. I played this deck this past Saturday (3-9-2013) at the MML game and won in a four player game (Mooseman played in that game as well).
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    What were the other three players decks?
  3. Killer Joe Active Member

    Mooseman was playing his black deck again......I think. Ben (to my left) was playing a black/white pestilence deck and had White Knights and Bethany was playing one of Ben's decks which had Loxodon Warhammers, Big Fat Angels, Glorious Anthems, and life gain stuff but she was a sub par player but she's the one I had to Cha-Cha with because Ben took out Moosman asap and then Bethany took out Ben right after that and I had enough time to set up defenses.

    One play of note that pretty much changed the tide of the game my way was when she plaopped down an Oblivion Ring and took away my Dueling Ground and the next turn all she had to do was save enough mana to pay for the two Ghostly Prisons I had out and I think I would've been dead had she attacked so on my Turn I played Gaea's Blessing and needed to draw a Hull Breach and I on my Gaea's Blessing draw I TOPPED DECKED the Breach. I got rid of The Oblivion Ring and the equipment that makes a creature hexproof and have haste. Right after that I got my Searing Meditations in place and started to kill her but like I said in my post for single cards about Searing meditation, I screwed it up and could've cost myself the game. Moosman saw my mistake but did not interfere. :p

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