Mindmaster Tempest: Spidey vs Limited


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Untap, upkeep, attack with the Angel, Mt, Trained Armodon, Done.

Limited (6) 3?
Handsize: 4

(TUUU) 4x Mountain
(TU) 2x Swamp
(TU) 2x Island

(T) Metallic Sliver (1/1 artifact sliver)
(T) Rootwater Shaman (2/2, I may play Aura's which have "enchant creature" as instants)
(T) Sea Monster (6/6, ~ can't attack unless defending player controls an Island)
(U) Thalakos Seer (1/1 Shadow)
(T) Sandstone Warrior (1/3, First Strike, R: +1/+0 ueot)
(S) Rats of Rath (2/1, B: destroy target artifact, creature, or land I control)

Graveyard: Hearth Sliver, Wild Wurm, Mindwhip Sliver, Evincar's Justice, Lotus Petal, Shadow Rift

Spiderman (7)
Handsize: 4
In Play:

(U) Island
(U) Mountain
(U,U) Plains x2
(T,T) Forest x2
(T) Swamp

(U) Soltari Trooper (1/1, shadow, whenever ~ attacks, it gets +1/+1 ueot)
(T) Avenging Angel (3/3, flying, if ~ would be put into a graveyard from play, I may put ~ on top of my library instead)
(U) Horned Sliver (2/2, all slivers have trample)
(S) Trained Armodon (3/3)

Graveyard: Mogg Raider, Lightning Blast, Volrath's Curse, Elite Javelineer, Coercion, Anoint, Bayou Dragonfly


I bow down before the might of your Angel!

I'll play a Reanimate on the Wild Wurm; I lose four life



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Man, thank goodness! I thought it's come down to a final combat between your and my next turn.

So you want to move on to Stronghold like Ransac and I are doing?