Mindmaster Eldritch Moon: Spidey vs Mooseman


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Yeah, good one! That was close! I still had

Wretched Gryff - the third Eldrazi!
Strange Augmentation
Stensia Banquet - dead card!
Splendid Reclamation - another most likely dead card, unless you had land destruction
Grapple with the Past - was going to get back the Survivalists
Ride Down

I'm not sure if I waited too long to use Make Mischief, but I didn't know you had the Fiend Binder which, with the other guy, pretty much took out two of my blockers. But that transform guy that made me sac three creatures was the real game changer, I think. Just couldn't stop it.

I'll have to see what's next for Monday.


Isengar Tussle
I had the Gryff too.
But I was trying to get rid of the abolisher to bring him back with Cemetery Recruitment
And a Haunted dead.
The transform cards were pretty good.


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Wow, you had an awesome pack. I wanted to Murder your transform guy but you could just do it in response. Maybe if I had cast the Insect making Eldrazi earlier so I could have sacced the Insects to it, but I don't think I had enough mana at the time... well, again, was trying to get Make Mischief to work with the Eldrazi to take out that one tap guy. Maybe when we do our rematch I'll get a better booster :rolleyes: