Mindmaster Amonkhet: Spidey vs Mooseman


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Yep, I had nothing else...

Untap, upkeep


Spidey: 9
Hand: 4

(U) Forest
(U) Plains
(T,U) Island x2
(T,U) Mt x2
(T,U) Swamp x2

Compulsory Rest (Enchanted creature can't attack or block.; Enchanted creature has "2, Sac this creature: You gain 2 life")

(U) Rhonas's Monument (Leg Artifact; Green creature spells I cast cost 1 less to cast.; Whenever I cast a creature spell, target creature I control gets +2/+2 and gains trample ueot)

(U) Naga Oracle (2/4; ETB library ability)
(U) Horror of the Broken Lands (4/4; Whenever I cycle or discard another card, ~ gets +2/+1 ueot.; Cycle B)
(U) Manticore of the Gauntlet (5/4; When ~ ETB, put a -1/-1 ctr on target creature I control. ~ deals 3 dmg to target opponent)

Graveyard: Oashra Cultivator, Splendid Agony, Cryptic Serpent, Initiate's Companion, Anointer Priest (Embalm 3W), Insult // Inquiry (Aftermath 2R)
Mooseman: 7
Hand: 4

(T) Plains
(T) Swamp
(TU) Island
(TT) Mountain
(UUU) Forest

Trial of Ambition (E, When ~ enters the battlefield, target opponent sacrifices a creature. When a Cartouche enters the battlefield under your control, return ~ to its owner's hand.)

(T) Bloodlust Inciter (1/1,T: Target creature gains haste until EOT)
(T) Those that serve (1/3 from ctr) *1 -1/-1 ctr*
(T) Aven Initiate (3/2,Flying. Embalm 6U)
(U) Horror of the Broken Lands (4/4; Whenever I cycle or discard another card, ~ gets +2/+1 ueot.; Cycle B) *Rested*

Graveyard: Ancient Crab, Limits of Solidarity, Spidery Grasp, Sparring Mummy, Limits of Solidarity, Magma Spray,Trueheart Duelist


Isengar Tussle
Yep, good game.
I had Haze of Pollen, but Can't trumps Can......
You had a fairly good pack this time......


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Woo! Good game! I figured this was my chance since you alpha'd last turn, but wasn't sure if you had an untap card or something... that Monument helped.

I still had River Serpent (my last creature), Evolving Wilds :rolleyes: , Start//Finish (another hole card), and a Forest.

Onto the next!