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    latly i have learned home to metagame a tounament. my idea of metagame is this " your trying to beat your opponents with out ever playing." i think metagame is a hard thing to learn. ive been playing magic for about 3-5 months now and i just learned how to about 3 weeks ago.
    the first thing i recammened to do is show up to the store were the tourny is and talk to people there on what they think will be there. then go build a quike side board that you think might work.then take the side board to some people and ask them what they think, from there you improve the side board, and test ageinst as many decks as possible
    and make canges as needed.

    now for the metagame of a deck, its almost the same but a little different to me. you take the first new steps the smae as in a side board. if the people you think say its going to be a slow enviroment for the day, try to speed the deck up a little. then figure out the mana curve of a deck. if your deck has alot of mana heavy creatures try to go with some control cards ( wrath of god, parish, chill, ext )
    anouther thing you might try is to play a deck that is leased exspected for the day, like what John Finkel did with the tinker deck. one other thing i think is importent is to sometimes not try to build a deck thats ment to win around a combo. its sometime best to go with a stait up ass beating deck from hell, not no bull **** replenish that make a game realy boring, or bargine. i think combo decks can be disrupted to easy at times. if you play a deck that is ment for one thing and one thing only you can win.

    well i hope this can help some people with metagame. im sorry i wrote so much but metagame is a big thing to write about. till later people. i f you think im missing something with metagame please tell me

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