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  1. asadoine Guest

    I have the feeling that meekstone could be a good card in the current T2 environment.

    I am thinking at a control orientated deck with :
    rings of gix
    Flowstone armor

    Meekstone takes care of the fatties and flowstone armor of the critters.

    However I dont know if I should build that around a blue deck for more control, white for control/aggression or red for more aggression.

    Do you have any ideas on how to build a deck around this ideas ?

    For white with Kismet, and the enchantment that allows creatures to attack without tapping ?

    Red with the flailing creaures ..

    I just feel that it could stop mercernaries and rebel decks as well as stompy ...

    Please advise.....

  2. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Serra's blessing let's your creatures attack without tapping. Meekstone can be powerful in this pump-swarm age, but a word of warning, you still won't be able to deal with rebel decks. Disenchant and seal of cleansing can stop your deck dead in it's tracks. Kismet is key, because three thorn elementals only need one attack each.
  3. asadoine Guest

    well if the rebel deck run glorious anthem or crusade it will, but only the first duel probably.

    This is why I was hesitating in making it blue, for the counterspells. The problem is that It leaves me with no kill possibility...
    or maybe in a tinker kind of deck.

  4. Apollo Bird Boy

    A kill possibility for blue: Morphling
    *sighs and shakes head :)
    it untaps itself to get around Meekstone, is unkillable, and pumps too.

    However, I think you'll get killed by Rebels and Stompy and any deck containing Morphling.
  5. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I'm thinking you go mainly white, use 1/? type creatures, run Crusade yourself (just one at a time while Meekstone is out) and use white removal (what is there now, Exile? Wrath? a Wrath would probably be good if you're getting overwhelmed anyway). Even maybe Limited Resources to limit mana (you won't worry about it if you have a low mana curve anyway due to most of the spells above). And of course your own Disenchants/Seals. Basically a kind of WW actually, but not a blazing fast one, more of a controlling one.

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