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  1. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Well, I personally enjoy MBC alot more than type II. As weak as MBC is, it promotes alot more thinking and strategy than 2. Also, a vast magority of cards are more-played because of the toned down enviroment than type II.

    "where else can u take a new deck that was just thrown together out of 5 boosters to a tournement and have a chance at winning?"

    I dunno...your thoughts?
  2. Mr_Pestilence Wumpus

    I think you're right - MBC is kinda like a wet-dream-sealed-deck format. You can actually think about playing cards that cost 9 mana to play. The only thing I don't like is that there is no viable strategy other than overwhelming your opponent with creatures.

    If you're not playing Rising Waters, then whoever draws the most/best creatures wins.
  3. Hawaiian mage CPA symbiod

    Well they have tried to make a bunch of cards that work oddly together to make you think. If you haven't noticed, there are so many little combos that do just a little it's amazzing. It makes you think IN the game instead of when your building the deck.
  4. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    MBC has more strategy than type 2?????
    I couldn't disagree more. Look at the combo decks in type 2, such as bargain and replenish. Are you trying to tell me those take little strategy? Bargain is one of the hardest decks to play out there. You have to constantly be thinking and deciding what to do. The same goes for the other type two decks. Even stompy takes some strategy and thinking.

    Now let's take a look at the dominant MBC decks. Wow, rebel. This decks takes less strategy and thinking than type 2 stompy. Play a searcher, recruit, play reverent mantra, attack, win. Even in stompy you have to think about either using a giant growth to either kill a opponent's creature or deal 3 extra damage.

    There is a wider variety of deck types in MBC for two reasons. The first is that there are less cards. This doesn't allow for some decks to dominate as much as they would if they had access to more cards. The other reason is that It hasn't been played for long. Type two is pretty much in season all year long. MBC has only been popular for a couple of months (Prophecy release). People haven't been able to think about the format as much as say type two or extended.

    I have nothing against MBC. It's a great format and a lot of fun (also really boring at times). But I think that saying it takes more strategy and thinking than type two is a mistake. When I was making my sideboard for the MBC PTQ, All that I was concerned with was rebel and rising waters. I knew that those would be played the most and I felt that I could handle most of the other decks pretty easily. I spend weeks sometimes thinking about my sideboard for type two. There are so many decks to consider, It takes a while to figure out what's going to be heavily played in your area and what cards will work best against it given certain situations.
  5. Dark Horse New Member

    Maybe so, but Masques block has variety. Sure there are dominant deck types, such as Flores and Rebel and Waters, but there are also a lot of rogue types, and the types afformentioned have varients coming up the wazoo. I have personally seen White Rebel, W/U Rebel, W/B Rebel, W/R Rebel, W/G Rebel, White Rebel splashed w/ all four other colors, the list goes on. What im trying to get at, is that its an unpredictable format, even at its most predictable, and henceforth fun. If you find Masques boring, your either A. Only facing Netdecks (Spit) B. Urzafied. (Urzafied: Adj, To used to Urza's block comboes and 1 turn kills etc. etc. Sentence: That Urzafied @#$% killed my Son in one turn!) , or C. Not giving it a chance. There, my preachings on the block they call masques are done.
  6. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    I just think it is more a tactical play setting instead of a strategic play setting. I define tactical as concentrating on the game you are playing vs strategic looking at the metagame and predicting what you will be facing. I think there are few won games when you sit down. I think in Type II you need to spend a lot more time thinking of what deck you are going to play. In MBC the deck types seemed less defined as someone mentioned. I think a lot more games are decided by how you play instead of what deck you brought. just some thoughts.
  7. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    MBC is tactical. t2 is strategic. Urza's block is broken. any questions?
  8. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...is just one of the most balance environments to come a long in a long, long period of time.

    It allows you to play so many things.
    Sure, most stratgies involve creatures, but have you seen how many creature stratgies there are?

    There's Mercenarys.
    There's Rebels.
    Those are your basic block mechanics.

    There's Blue Weenie.
    There's Green Weenie.
    There's Red Weenie/Control.

    There's Rising Waters.
    There's Fatty Green.
    There's LD (kind of with Tangle Wire).

    You could try the Flailings (with Tangle Wire.)
    Or, you could play with a lot of flyers from Blue.

    You could play Wire decks, Tangle and Barbed Wire.
    You could combine to different colors for their enchantments (since there's many in MBC).

    There's fading.
    There's everything.
  9. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    There's also white weenie, green control, black removal, and a hundred other styles, and most of them are pretty even.
  10. arhar Member

    Right now, I like Type 2 much more than MBC. In MBC, the only decks that have any hope of winning are:

    Rebels (splashing green or not)
    Snuff 'o Derm
    White Control
    Blue Flyers.

    Compare it to T2

    Wildfire (With or without Searing Wind)
    Red Deck Wins (3!!! THREE viable red decks. How many in MBC?)
    Rebels (WITH Lin Sivvi)
    Accelerated Blue
    Control Black
    Suicide Black
    Trinity Green
    Angry Hermit or no Hermit
    Squirrel Prison

    And multiple "Tier 2" decks that CAN sometime win a tournament too:

    Sneak Attack
    Sexy Rector
    Mindless Oath
    Rock and his Millions
    Faeries of the Coast
    Control Green (Child of Gaea.deck)

    ... and I'm probably forgetting something, too.

    And you were talking about Variety?
  11. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    It isn't variety, it's balance and accesibility.

    In MBC, every color has about an even chance to win.
    there is ALSO
    red pings 2000 (Not a great deck, but worthwhile
    R/W Control
    R/g control

    So, blue has 2
    Red has 2
    White has 2.5
    Black has 3.5
    And green has1.5

    In T2 black is a HEAVY underdog. Flores is the exception, not the rule. And red, though it wins, has only noe or tweo methods. I've never seen an non-wildfire red deck win t2. In fact, most t2 decks look shockingly smiilar. Green decks are the only ones that vary. Otherwise, it's just copying the deck that won in utah, or at the UK nationals.

    [You meant Flores, not Finkel. --Zadok001]
  12. Apollo Bird Boy

    Now, that's funny! I think that MBC stinks because Rising Waters and Rebels are so prevalent compared to everything else. Sure, those others are supposedly viable, but you're still going to see more of the big two than any others.

    Type 2 stinks because of Bargain and Replenish, which are two very boring decks to play against.

    And they both stink because in 6 months the cards you spent hundreds of dollars on will be useless!
  13. Cateran Overlord New Member

    Actually, Rebels are sort of pathetic now with Prophecy and all of it's super fun mass destruction things. Waters I've always thought of as one of the underrated cards in Nemesis, until it finally started being picked up several months ago. It's also hardly invincible though, as it suffers from the fact that ALL of the other colors can use their own Ramos artifacts (I have no idea why no one else thinks of this, I SB 4 Skulls usually myself)

    T2, well, I'm not going off again with all of that. You can find that somewhere in the New Members board from June, if need be.
  14. Purple_jester New Member

    Well, I'm talking casual decks. And in casual decks, the more cards you have, the better. Therefore, in casual play, Type 2 is better than MBC, Extended is better than Type 2, and Type 1 is better than Extended.

    However, the tournament environment is entirely different. Personally, I prefer the Masques Block sealed deck format rather than Type 2 or Masques Block Constructed. ESPECIALLY with Prophecy. Prophecy is a casual player's dream set. Forget constructed deck types. In sealed deck, all types are equal, and Masques Block has few cards which dominate sealed deck. This makes the game more exciting and varied.

    There's less strategy involved in Masques sealed deck, but there's a lot more in-play tactics and moment-to-moment innovation. I've seen exciting battles where a single Plague Wind or Latulla, Keldon Overseer meant victory or defeat.

    Honestly, it's a lot more fun. ;)
  15. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    I agree. That's what's great about masques. Besides maybe three rares, there are no dominant cards. and evne those rares are not invincible. With t2 you have:
    Dominating the environment, and nothing else comes close.
  16. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Does the fact that you can pick up one of a dozen T2 decks and have a chance mean that T2 is good?
    No - quite the opposite, is means it is impossible to build a good deck.

    Draft Block Constructed is certainly the worst block environment yet, but every block format has been better than the concurrent T2 environment, and MBC is no different. At least in MBC there are only three good decks (hell, there are only three good CARDS!) - if you aren`t playing Rebels, Waters, or G/B then you probably won`t win your PTQ!
  17. Cerberus New Member

    I like MBC over type II do to the fact that I can play what ever I want in MBC and have a chance of winning will in Type II I will be most likely Killed if I don't play a reasonable deck
  18. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    LoL @ Gizmo's post. :) Pretty down on the format's card choices, neh? Let's see... The good cards are Ramosian Leiutenant, Rising Waters, and Blastoderm? I _think_ that's what you're talking about, correct me if I'm wrong. Chimeric Idol probably deserves a slot in there.

    I'm suprised no one has mentioned B/w Cowardice. I started playing a deck along those lines recently ('cept I'm mono-blue with all of two cards that can kill someone, and only one creature), and it's been fairly good... Really, when a deck like that can do better than .500 against most other decks in the environment, it isn't a draft format. I mean, what kind of draft deck has one creature?

    I personally perfer Type 2 to MBC, if only because it includes such things as Yavimaya Elder, Greater Good, Llanowar Elf, Phyrexian Plaguelord, etc... You know, the good, non-broken cards. There are a lot of cards in MBC that will be taking that title when the much-anticipated rotation comes...
  19. Lythand Veteran CPA Member

    MBC can be just as hard as type 2...With Rising waters..W/U controle...and Tap out red..these are all strategic decks to play...
  20. Cerberus New Member

    I must still say Zadok that you MBC Cowardice deck needs one oer two more kill cards if you don't do that you might loss to my blue skies some time soon it is getting better see you on monday Zadok ready for a 59 turn duel
    MBC sill is better in my mind but I can still see why you like type II better Zadok

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